One of the Babes: Emma Schmidt

Emma Schmidt is a map-maker based in Austin, Texas. A vendor at our first meet, this babe was led to us by Hillary-Anne, the curator and Editor-in-Chief of Vagina:: The Zine. We're excited to get to know this babe, and we hope you are, too. Keep up with Emma on her website or Instagram.

Q: How did you get into map-drawing?

A: While I was living in the Middle East a few years ago, I started drawing and reading about cartography as I mapped the streets I walked. I was intrigued by the strong borders created with simple sidewalks and fences that held entire communities. Maps can be a strong reflection of how people view their home and land, and I try to the chart these experiences and memories.

Q: Have you had trouble pricing your work? How did you overcome that?

A: Pricing work is always a challenge, because personal work has to connect to the viewers the same way it does to you to be worth the same value. Luckily I have had the opportunity to do primarily commissions, which inherently have equal value to me and the buyer.

Q: What's your optimal working environment?

A: A window table at a cafe with headphones and a coffee.

Q: Who's your #bossbabe girl crush (pssst, can be any leading woman of industry)

A: Georgia O'Keeffe, always. But also Gemma O'Brien, Dana Tanamachi and Carissa Potter Carlson (of People I've Loved)

Q: What advice do you have for artists attempting to find their own creative style?

A: Keep traveling, drawing and pursuing the things that make you come alive and you will find the style that is all your own. And be okay with bad drawings and ideas—without mistakes the successes wouldn't stand out.

Q: What are some of your favorite places in Austin to actually sit down and draw (and just get shit done, generally)?

A: I work a lot at my studio at the BKPK Collective, but I always enjoy a afternoon of working with an iced espresso at Rio Rita's or an americano at Cenote.