One of the Babes: Glitter Tribe

Photo by Breezy Ritter, Text by Ashlee J. Pryor

Photo by Breezy Ritter, Text by Ashlee J. Pryor

The Austin music scene is predominantly a boys' club (no hate; just an observation), and that's why we jumped at the chance to co-host an event with Glitter Tribe. Run by two women, Dani and Taylor, Glitter Tribe is an artist management and booking agency that regularly hosts showcases to promote and feature local ATX bands.

With their bootstraps attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, Dani and Taylor have kept their gig running for the last six months, and we're anxious to see how they grow. Get to know the babes of Glitter Tribe here, or head out to our show with them this Saturday!

Q: What inspired you to start Glitter Tribe?

T: With James Taylor as a namesake and an introduction to violin at the age of three, music has always been a part of my life. I studied entrepreneurship in school and ended up working at a music tech startup after I graduated (where I met Dani). We interacted with so many bands who were incredibly talented but struggled with the business side of things. Glitter Tribe grew out of conversations of what we could do to help these bands. 

D: So, I've wanted to own my own music venue since I was 13. I moved to Austin to get involved in the music industry, and when I came here I had the expectations that it would be easy to network and get a job since it's "The Live Music Capital of the World." I guess I assumed there were going to be a ton of jobs available. Man, I was wrong.

I ended up getting an internship for a music startup, where I met Taylor. She had similar goals, and we just really connected. After only working for a few months in the music industry is was apparent that it was still male-dominated. I, along with Taylor, had really great ideas that weren't being heard, and it left us feeling frustrated.

So, Taylor and I sat down one night, and we're like, "We should do something on our own." We both had enjoyed artist outreach and discovering new music, but we had noticed that several artists had talent but didn't have the necessary social media presence, or they were lacking in other areas. We wanted to work with musicians, manage them and help them in areas that they needed or wanted to grow. So, that's where the idea of Glitter Tribe came from. We also wanted to start a business where people knew that it was run by women. It was important for us to stand out in the sense like, "Hey! We're young, intelligent, badass women that can do the same job a dude can do!" So, here we are. 

Photo by Breezy Ritter

Photo by Breezy Ritter

Q: Do you have any tidbits of advice for people with passion projects?

T: Go for it! I'm all about taking a risk. I moved to Austin to pursue a career in the music business, but I had never been here before. I didn't know anyone, and I didn't have a job lined up when I arrived. It wasn't easy, but everything has worked out so far.

D: I would just say if you're passionate about something and have an idea, go for it.  I think sometimes people don't follow through with their passion projects because its "not practical" or they don't have the support that they'd like.

Failure is scary as hell. Before we started doing things with Glitter Tribe and only had the idea (and business cards), I was pretty overwhelmed. I'm not sure how Taylor felt, but I had this anxiety, because I wasn't sure where this was going to go, or how we were even going to get started, what bands would want to work with us, why would they want to, etc. I feel I was my own worst enemy at that point, but now I'm overwhelmed with happiness because people actually want to work with us and we're getting acknowledged. Bottom line, if you believe in yourself enough to make things happen, others will support you, too. 

Q: How do you stay inspired? 

T: By surrounding myself with positive, like-minded, creative, and driven people!

D: I meet someone new almost every day, and when they ask what I do I tell them about Glitter Tribe and every reaction and interaction in regards to that is positive. I have a ton of support from my friends and family, and I think that really helps. It inspires me to work harder and continue this dream of mine and make something out of it. Also, watching a badass band play helps, too. After I see a set that leaves me with goosebumps I'm like, "I want to book that band!"

And I'm just like this is exactly why I'm doing what I'm doing. There's no greater feeling you get when you're doing something you love.

Q: What have been your favorite moments of creativity?

T: This is a great question, because I have always thought of Glitter Tribe as more like a business and forget that we are in the process of creating something, too! My favorite moments come from collaborating with Dani and the bands we work with. Being at our shows and seeing the bands kill it onstage and the crowd having a blast is what makes me happy. So, I like to think that Glitter Tribe helps create these creative and inspiring moments for others, too.

D: I think it has to be before we really launched. It was back in January, and my friend had invited me to go see his friend's band play. So I went and after their set I was so impressed I texted Taylor and told her, "This is the band we need to work with! They're amazing!" I couldn't shut up about it. I really felt inspired. We kind of took a break from Glitter Tribe stuff due to life. So, after I saw this band Taylor and I picked up on doing Glitter Tribe stuff again, and good things started coming from it. We just kept getting connected to the people we needed to. If you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing now, I definitely didn't think it was going to be Glitter Tribe.

Q: What have been the most challenging moments in your artist management careers thus far?

T: Having the patience during our search for the right artist or band to work with. It's much more than discovering talented musicians. Both sides have to trust each other and be willing to put in the work; it's a true partnership. 

D: I think being taken seriously because we're women and so new to the industry. We're still learning, and we know that but there have been certain individuals that we've worked with that seem to want to take advantage of us. It sucks, but it just makes us push harder, and it teaches us to stick up for ourselves and voice our opinions. It's definitely been a learning experience so far. 

Q: When you're discouraged, what do you run to or away from? 

T: Talk it out with friends and family. Then, there's always dance parties and blasting my favorite music at ridiculous levels. Sorry neighbors!

D: I usually call up one of my childhood girlfriends, and they always seem to say the right thing to kick my ass back into gear. Or I try and take a little road trip or vacation out of Austin for a minute, just so I can recharge and get my head back on straight. It usually helps.

Photo by Breezy Ritter

Photo by Breezy Ritter

Your favorite band —

T: Wolf Alice

D: I can't seem to get enough of Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas. She's currently on repeat. She's this kickass lady from Detroit with one powerful voice. I was able to meet her the last time she came to Austin, too, and she was a total sweetheart. I just love her!

Your favorite book —

T: "Quiet" by Susan Cain (every chapter I read I'm like, YES, that's me!) 

D: "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler. Because sometimes you just need a good laugh when everything else is so serious. 

Your local Austin gem —

T: Is it weird if I say breakfast tacos? I'm from the northeast, and breakfast tacos aren't a thing up there. I don't know how I existed without them!

D: Taco Mex for breakfast tacos, El Sapo for happy hour 

Your social media handles: Find Taylor at @_twils on Instagram and Glitter Tribe at @glittertribe on Instagram.