One of the Babes: Hollie Hart

Photo by Hollie Hart

Photo by Hollie Hart

Meet Hollie Dee Hart, a creative photographer creating art and building her own business in Austin. Read on to learn more about Hollie's colorful photography and artistic inspiration and about her journey transforming her passion into a career.

Q: What inspired you to start working in the field/industry? Did you have any role models or learn from someone in particular?

A: It wasn't until I switched from theatre to fine arts in college that I realized I had a lot to express that I couldn’t on stage. I went to the New England School of Art and Design in Boston, MA, where there were only seven fine arts majors. It was really small, so the conversations and critiques about art and life were incredibly deeply felt. My professors Randal and Audrey ran the entire department. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t be so emotionally invested in my work. They made me see that what you do matters and that you CAN be a working artist and call it a living. It was a hard path to choose, but thank fucking god I chose it. 

Q: Do you have any tidbits of advice for people with passions, in general?

A: My passion is everything to me so I made it my career choice. I grew up watching so many people who were and still are miserable in their jobs. That doesn’t have to be you. Don’t let that be you. Carve your own path and work hard. Success will come if you show up. There are no rule books. Happiness is truly everything. 

Photo by Hollie Hart

Photo by Hollie Hart

Q: What have been your favorite moments of creativity (possibly a time when a burst of creative energy produced something you could have never expected, etc.)?

A: This may sound morbid, but my highest level of inspiration always comes from particularly dark moments in my personal life. When I’m going through something tough, there is such an instinctive rush of creativity like I have to get what I’m feeling out. This is when my best work is made. I’m still trying to figure out why that is, but I think it’s got something to do with how there is little to no planning and just pure emotion driving the work. 

Q: What have been your most challenging moments in your career, thus far?

A: I’m still in my first year of building a business and have had to work some terrible jobs just to pay the bills. There is nothing more frustrating than doing something you don't want to do. I felt like I was sacrificing my artwork. By the time I got home at night I was exhausted and had no drive to do anything.  In the past two months, though, I found a job that I absolutely love where I’m able to integrate my creativity. It’s a really small business of inspiring women who are nothing but supportive and have your back no matter what. I feel so lucky to have gotten to this point where I’m happy at work, but it goes to show that life's a journey and every step of the way means something. 

Photo by Hollie Hart

Photo by Hollie Hart

Q: What’s your day job (if this business isn’t your day job?)

A: Haha, refer to the last question! :)

Q: When you’re discouraged, what do you run to or away from?

A: For me, it’s WHO I run to. I always talk things out with the people I love and trust. 

Q: Your favorite band at the moment?

A: First Aid Kit. Please watch the music video to the song ‘Wolf.’ 

Photo by Hollie Hart

Photo by Hollie Hart

Q: Your favorite book at the moment?

A: I’m gonna get a lot of shit for saying this, but, why read the book when you can watch the movie? Haha, no I’m just a terrible reader. My attention span is just not there. I’m super visual 100% of the time. 

Q: Your local Austin gem ( can be a product, place, etc.):

A: Sage Cafe. The coconut/vanilla iced tea. You won’t regret going. 

Your social media handles:

Instagram: @holliedeehart


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