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Photo by Sarah Brown 

Photo by Sarah Brown 

Meet Jennifer Hoger, licensed acupuncturist and a Certified Yoga Instructor. Having grown up in a family of Western Medicine doctors, Jennifer decided to take a different career path focusing more on natural healing. Jennifer incorporates both yoga and aromatherapy as adjunct healing modalities to acupuncture in her business Jennifer Hoger Acupuncture. Read more about Jennifer and how she got her start below! 

Q; What inspired you to start working in the field/Industry? Did you have any role models or learn from someone, in particular?

A: I come from a family of Western medicine health practitioners, so health was often a topic of discussion at our dinner table. But I was always curious about alternative practices that didn’t involve medication or invasive surgeries. Years later, while living in Los Angeles, I went to see an acupuncturist for my seasonal allergies. It was such a wonderful experience and helped me so much, that I decided to follow the path of traditional Chinese medicine. I’ve always loved helping people and practicing Chinese medicine allows me to do that.

Another inspiration has been my mother, who is a retired nurse. She once told me a story from her time in nursing school. She was visiting her dying father in the hospital, and he told her that he could always tell when the nurses were coming from a place of love, and when they weren’t. He advised her to not touch people unless you really care about them. She lived that philosophy in her nursing practice, and inspired me to do the same in my acupuncture practice.

Q: Do you have any tidbits of advice for people with passions, in general?

A: Don’t let fear rule you, and don’t take anything too personally. Obviously more easily said than done, but if you come from a place of fear when making decisions or creating something, you will not be listening to your intuition or allowing yourself to take risks. Additionally, if you take things personally you will allow yourself to be ruled by fear! I say this as I get an appointment cancellation and wonder for a brief moment why this patient cancelled — Did I say something to offend them? This is a ridiculous thought that is fear based AND personal! It takes work!. While following your passion, and making it your business, I believe these two rules of thumb are imperative!

Photo by @themythofsysiphus 

Photo by @themythofsysiphus 

Q: What have been your favorite moments of creativity (possibly a time when a burst of creative energy produced something you could have never expected, etc.)?

A: Truthfully, when you are running your own business you constantly have to think creatively about how to build it and make it better. I often get bursts of creative energy and ideas about how to help more people with acupuncture, but sometimes it can be all-consuming. I find it good to have other unrelated creative outlets as well, like taking an art class at Austin Learnshop!  

Q: What have been your most challenging moments in your career, thus far?

A: Starting fresh in a new city three years ago was very challenging. I only knew three people in Austin when I moved here, and had lived in Los Angeles for several years, so it was a big risk. Having no network and starting a business from zero was definitely a challenge, but Austin has been so welcoming. I really love how everyone is so supportive of small businesses and entrepreneurs. There’s a strong creative energy in this town and an awesome sense of community.

Q: What's your day job (if this business isn't your day job)?

A: My acupuncture practice is my main source of income, but I do have some side-hustles. Acting has become one of those — I’m represented by Collier Talent Agency here in Austin. I have also enjoyed leading workshops that combine yoga and acupuncture, I’m in discussion with a yoga studio about starting up a community clinic, and I am co-creating a line of Chinese medicine inspired aromatherapy oil blends! (@essentialqiatx) Lots of irons in the fire!

Q: When you're discouraged, what do you run to or away from?

A: Whenever I start to feel discouraged, or have other negative thoughts, I run outside in nature or take a yoga class. I believe in eco-therapy and the health benefits of being in nature. I also think balancing running with yoga has helped me stay active and without major injuries into my 30s. I try to eat well when I’m discouraged, because it’s so easy to turn to unhealthy food or alcohol when you’re frustrated, but ultimately it makes you feel worse! Eating well, being in nature and exercising will put you in a better mood and help you to feel more optimistic!

Photo by Katherine Fan

Photo by Katherine Fan

Q: Your favorite band at the moment:

A: I’ve been listening to a lot of Father John Misty. I fell in love with him after watching his cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”. Watch it!

Q: Your favorite book at the moment:

A: This is a hard one, because I’m reading 4 at the same time! My book club is currently reading “The Goldfinch”, which I already read and LOVED. It’s an epic story of one boy’s life journey involving the art world. That’s the first one that comes to mind. We also just read “Strangers Drowning”, which was a really interesting study on altruism and do-gooders. It was equal parts frustrating and thought provoking.

Q: Your local Austin gem (can be a product, place, etc.):

A: Again, so many! I’d have to give a shout out to my favorite yoga studios — Practice Yoga and Bfree Yoga. These two studios foster a great sense of community and have curated awesome teachers.

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