#bossbabesATX is a nonprofit event series and collective. We develop programming (meet-ups, seminars, markets, festivals and other pop-up events) to amplify and connect self-identifying women in creative industry and the arts. Our productions center on community infrastructure, the arts, activism, entrepreneurialism and personal and professional development.

At the start of ever year, we host Community Caucus, an annual gathering for activists, nonprofits and thought leaders to present issues, share ideas and discuss plans for effective change. We are now taking submissions for our Community Caucus '18, to be held in February of 2018 (official date and venue pending).


Behind the Caucus:
At our first-ever Community Caucus in February 2017, we produced 12 panels, reflecting submissions we gathered from Nov. '16 to Jan. '17. More than 300 people attended to hear directly from members of their community; ticket costs were kept at $5, and all proceeds covered event production costs. Hosted within Spiderhouse, the event was a particularly raw, intellectual moment for our community. For some, it was their first jump into activism (a chance to see where they fit in our intersectional ecosystem); for our panelists, it was a chance to finally share, an opportunity to curate discussion in their friend circles and respective industries. From this event, many long-term collaborations, coalitions and commitments to volunteerism and community engagement were formed. Click here for a recap of 2017's Caucus.

Submission Details for 2018:
Each panel and speaker session at Community Caucus (all of which are activism-centered) features a myriad of stakeholders—local citizens, politicians, activists, business owners, creatives, you name it. For February '18, we're selecting 12 panels/talks, and we're looking for ideas within the following branches of thought leadership: reform, representation, community health, individual responsibility and equity. *Important to note: Panels have a maximum of four panelists (including the moderator) and talks have no more than two speakers. Most sessions are no longer than an hour.

If you would like to be involved please fill out this form by Nov. 27, 2017 at 11:59 PM CT. We'll be in touch by Dec. 1 about your submission and what comes next; we'll work with you on the messaging, subject matter and presentation of your proposal. When filling out this form, please remember there are no wrong ideas, and nothing's too big or too small. We want to know how you want to get involved and what you may be able to bring to this event!

Curious about sponsorship/have press inquiries? Shoot us an email. Would you like to volunteer at Community Caucus '18? Click here.


- team #bbatx