It's okay to have questions. 

We're here to answer them. ~Inquiries are always welcome, mama~

what are y'all about?

Get to know us here.


What does your programming look like?

Check it out here.


How can I help?

Come to an event, first and foremost! We appreciate your support more than anything. If you have a specific idea in mind, though, please email Or if you're feeling real nice, you can write us a big, fat check, so we can start our entirely women-run creative space. That'd be great, too. (You can also volunteer here.)


How do I join #bossbabesATX?

Do you self-identify as a woman? In our eyes, you're already a member! We don't have formal membership. There is no induction ceremony. We want everyone to feel free to reach out to us (or others on social media via our channels), no matter how many functions of ours you may or may not have attended.

For this reason, we only charge a ticket price for meets and some of our events. By attending events, you are supporting #bossbabesATX, and all of the hard work and effort that goes in to running this organization.


How do I get onto your blog?

If you'd like a feature, submit your music/art/work to


Do you accept blog contributors?

We do! We don't currently have a writing staff, and we don't issue assignments, BUT we are always accepting pitches. Let's get you published.

How do i become a vendor at one of our events.

More info on that here.


How do meets work?

Read up here.


I want to donate a space. Who do I talk to?

Email We're always looking for venues!


Can you promote my events/business on your platform?

Check out our community news submissions guidelines.


Where does the money go?

#bossbabesATX is an entirely community-funded nonprofit. All of the website costs, administrative, management and event costs are covered by ticket sales and sponsorships.


I've seen this Instagram called @bossbabe. Are you affiliated with them?

Nope! Not us. We're an entirely local movement, based in Austin, TX.