Gender Equity in the Workplace

Meet the panelists:

Cheyenne smith — content marketing manager, cratejoy

Cheyenne Smith is the Content Marketing Manager at Cratejoy and oversees all creative projects for the Austin-based startup's Marketing team. Off the clock, she's into horror movies, karaoke, and financial freedom for women.

Ashley jane jennings — CMO, DIvinc.

Ashley Jennings is an award-winning producer, media consultant and international lifestyle photographer. She serves as the co-founder and chief marketing officer for DivInc, a non-profit accelerator for women and ethnically diverse tech founders. She's also the co-owner and executive producer of Spero Labs, LLC, a creative production agency focused on championing great content for clients of all sizes, from local tech startups to fortune 500 giants. Prior to moving back to Texas from New York, Ashley helped launch Al Jazeera Media Network’s American channel, Al Jazeera America, and was part of the ABC News field team who traveled the country covering breaking news, weather and politics. Ashley volunteers with Planetshakers Austin and Young Life. Her greatest joy is getting to mentor students and young storytellers at local high schools and at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations.

tanya tarr — Forbes media contributor

Tanya Tarr helps people tap into their negotiation super powers. As a former political staffer and coach, Tanya spent nearly 20 years helping leaders across the country develop and use negotiation techniques that win. She is an editorial contributor for Forbes Media on negotiation skills and equal pay issues, and is writing a negotiation manual dedicated to introverts. When she's not writing, Tanya coaches nonprofits on winning the Internet with digital tools. She also practices Muay Thai and traditional boxing.


Claire is a 10 year resident of Austin, Texas and is currently the Director of Operations at local tech startup, OutboundEngine. Her responsibilities span owning metrics and analytics, enabling high performing sales and customer support teams, and designing strategic changes that help keep OutboundEngine growing in its impact for small businesses. In addition to this, Claire, in collaboration with 3 other OutboundEngine women, launched a successful new inclusion and empowerment group called Tribe in 2016, the goal of which has been to promote female mentorship and development, close the wage gap, and facilitate new female leadership in the company. Since then, Tribe has grown to also include subgroups for Tribe-POC and Tribe-LGBTQ+


Mary Chauvin began her career in the tech services industry, where she learned the importance of communicating corporate vision and values to customers through product design. Working with startups and mid-size tech companies inspired the idea for Penny Parental as an revolutionary way to help business leaders achieve their growth goals by attracting and retaining top talent with extended, paid parental leave policies. Mary brings a unique perspective to an often male-dominated industry with her uncanny ability to find the “obvious” and “simple” solutions for complex problems. She is proud to be a woman in the technology industry, and she enjoys teaching and aiding other young women interested in Internet technologies and entrepreneurship.