Just don't.


The #JUSTDONT poster series was inspired by a mural inside Bossa Nova Civic Club in Bushwick, NY and has been recreated in homage through a collaboration between #bbatx, Chulita Vinyl Club Austin, Frida Fridays ATX and other Texas-based organizers.


We are not here to create a culture that calls out abuse, adding fuel to a fire then walking away.

We are here to change it through community responsibility, education and representation.

We encourage fellow organizers of all identities and backgrounds to join the movement. We hope you pair these flyers with action and accountability. Download and print your own below.


Notes from #justdont organizers:

"Shining bright lights into the dark corners of the clubs and venues we play, we won’t stay silent about situations that jeopardize our safety or the safety of our amigxs. Chulita Vinyl Club is a collective rooted in the principles of empowerment and togetherness. We have each other’s back and we want you to know we’ve got yours, too. If you ever are feeling vulnerable or attacked at any of our gigs, just follow the music. You’ll always have a friend and ally in your Austin Chulitas." — Chulita Vinyl Club Austin

"Safety is not a destination or a sticker or something we achieve by programming compassion and praying for goodness. It's a gray area of daily bravery. It's a risk, and sometimes we suffer that risk. It's often doing something that actually combats the dominant narrative, speaking out of turn, standing up to those who are more powerful. It can be big, like exposing your abuser to the world, or it can be small, like reacting to anger with love. As an organization, we will continue to do our best in holding others accountable. We will continue to create learning environments for our venues, partners and participants that incentivize respect and dignity for all." — #bbatx