We host and develop a number of programs in Texas and nationwide—from meets to festivals to seminars and dance parties—each focused on activating and mobilizing community and providing a platform to self-identifying women in the arts and women-owned businesses. Our productions center around the following tenets:

Personal and professional development
Our personal and professional development programming aims to introduce new ideas, prioritize informed decision-making, facilitate employability, enhance our community’s quality of life and contribute to the realization of attendees’ ambitions and aspirations.

Community Infrastructure
To create a society that better supports the financial and social empowerment of women and marginalized people, we must create new physical and organizational structures for the operation of our communities. Our programming works to build coalitions between pre-existing organizations and thought leaders that strengthen paths of accessibility for women artists, entrepreneurs and activists. For this reason, all of our productions involve a number of partners and we facilitate the distribution of community news, job listings and opportunities.

The Arts
We work to promote the visibility and social/financial empowerment of self-identifying women in the arts and various branches of creative activity.

Our productions center on activism and engagement in the community. We work to promote social, political, economic and environmental reform in the hopes that our efforts may have a positive impact on women’s civil rights, sexism, racism, gender inequity and other issues addressed within intersectional feminism.

Our workshops, discussions and professional development programming works to make concepts of entrepreneurialism and self-employment more accessible. As a rapidly growing sector of the United States economy, the support and continued growth of women business owners and entrepreneurs is paramount to developing a culture and society more equal for all.

OUR programs:


Every other month, we host a meet for self-identifying women to discuss professional and personal development, business, activism and the arts. These meets are town-hall-style, oriented toward networking, with 30 open mic announcements, a lineup of local vendors and a DJ'd dance hour. For more info, please visit our meet page.


Annually, we host a COMMUNITY CAUCUS in Austin, Texas. The caucus serves as a gathering for activists, nonprofits and thought leaders to present issues, share ideas and discuss plans for effective change.  Check out our Spring '17 caucus here.


SOCIAL GRRL is our winter and summer meet-up series for marketers. This intimate event provides a platform for attendees to meet other female-identifying marketers, share resources and discuss problems in the advertising and marketing industry.


We put together an annual festival in Austin showcasing self-identifying women and nonbinary folks in music, film, art and comedy. This festival also travels to other cities throughout the year—from NYC to San Antonio to LA.


"SHE TALKS" is a discussion-based personal and professional development series tackling everything from finances to intersectional feminism. Some of our SHE TALKS events directly fundraise for fellow, local nonprofits.


We host two biannual (spring and fall) craftHER Vendor and Resource Markets, a space for self-identified women to share their wares and an opportunity for the general public to get information, find collaborators and shop. 

We also host biannual craftHER meet-ups, where hang out, make things and chat about the market in early February and September. Click here for more details.


State of the Uterus is an annual dance party to raise funds for five of our favorite nonprofits and dance 'til we drop. Check out our inaugural SOTU here.


We partner with the Elisabet Ney Museum to produce MEET HER HANDS, a free summer evening series featuring an intimate tour of the museum and a discussion with Austin women artists about their work, their inspiration, and their process. This series is free and open to the public.



Our free community news page features events, job opportunities and relevant information for women in the #bossbabesATX Austin community (unless otherwise indicated, these events are not produced by #bossbabesATX.). This information is delivered in a weekly digest. You can sign up for this newsletter here, and submit your events/news for free to

Co-branded POP-UP Events + promotion

We regularly work with sponsors and partners to promote, curate and produce pop-up events, showcases, exhibitions and concerts. Interested? Check out our previous sponsors and partners.

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