To have events and information featured on the community news page, you must meet a number of criteria.

First, there must be a call to action. We only publish posts that require participation from other members in the community.

For example, are you starting your own business? Are you hosting an event? Are you looking for clients? Are you looking for employees?

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, you likely qualify to publish a post on Here are a couple of rules to be aware of:

  1. We allow businesses to introduce themselves to the community once (like, "Hey, I just started a woman-owned ice cream shop! Come hang," or "I'm trying to launch my own social media business. Hit me up if you'd like to chat!"), but we do not allow recurring service/product/business advertisements.
  2. We do not repost events or information that has already been submitted and promoted.
  3. All submissions should be in third person, include an image and an event link/contact information. 
  4. Each individual/business receives one free post to the community per month. This includes events. 
  5. All submissions are edited and compiled by Maureen.
  6. The weekly email to our audience is a digest of NEW posts each week, so it is very unlikely your post will be promoted via the email twice.
  7. We ask that you submit your events at least a week prior to the event date.

Have any questions? Please email Maureen at, and she'll help you get started.