Photo by Tess Cagle

Photo by Tess Cagle

FOUNDER + Director
Jane Claire Hervey

Jane Claire Hervey is a digital marketing consultant, musician and founder of #bossbabesATX and BABES FEST.

Originally from the Rio Grande Valley (956 por vida), Hervey moved to Austin to study at the University of Texas. After earning her Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and pursuing a career in freelance writing, Hervey began searching for resources and a space to ask professional questions. She hosted her first #bossbabesATX meet in 2015, hoping to foster community and connection between self-identified women in Austin, Texas. She now runs the nonprofit and its festival, BABES FEST, while managing operations and marketing at In-House International.

Favorite book: "I Am Charlotte Simmons"

Feminist icon: Gloria Anzaldua

Favorite band: Princess Nokia // SZA

Her Austin gem: Hay Elotes

You can get in touch with Jane about partnerships, development and event booking at

Learn more about Jane on her website. Or keep up with her on Instagram.


Photo by Tess Cagle

Photo by Tess Cagle

Leslie Lozano

Leslie Lozano is a freelance stylist, social media and marketing coordinator and performer. Originally from Rio Hondo, Texas (a tiny town in the Rio Grande Valley), Lozano moved to Austin in the summer of 2014 to pursue styling, after becoming very restless during her college years. Leslie is one of the co-founding members at #bossbabesATX as well as our Art & Workshop coordinator. She also manages the rotating Instagram account @meetwomyn

A proud feminist and social rights activist, Lozano loves a good hip-hop show, re-watching I Love Lucy episodes, Horchata and performing with her all-female improv troupe, Lady Parts.


Favorite book: "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" — Junot Diaz

Favorite band: Anderson.Paak, Ingrid, Stevie Wonder

Feminist icon: Gloria E. Anzaldua / Maya Angelou

Austin gem: This small dock by the Congress bridge (perfect view for sunsets) and the Toasted Coconut and Cubano Coffee ice cream from Sweet Ritual!!

You can catch Leslie on Instagram and Twitter.

You can get in touch with Leslie about hosting a workshop,  becoming one of our BABES FEST artists (music/film/art/comedy) and other showcase opportunities at

Photo by Tess Cagle

Photo by Tess Cagle

Jasmine Brooks

Jasmine Camille Brooks is a graphic and web designer who loves focusing her creative energy on helping others—musicians, nonprofits, or the community in general. Originally from Oakland, California, Jasmine moved to Austin at 12 years old and eventually grew to love the city she now calls home. Jasmine currently works part time as the creative coordinator at LifeWorks, a nonprofit that focuses on helping homeless youth and families become self- sustainable. She is also a freelance graphic designer, as well as a volunteer and nonprofit coordinator at #bossbabesATX. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys cycling, dancing, rock climbing, and being outdoors! Jasmine is also obsessed with her two dogs, Lucy and a boy named Sue, who frequent the green belt and love to bark at nothing. As a social activist, feminist, and art lover, Jasmine loves meeting new people and collaborating on creative projects.

Favorite Book: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo

Feminist Icon: Michelle Obama Favorite

Band: Warpaint // Yeasayer // FKA Twigs // Beck // Tracy Chapman...and much more...

Austin gem: Fair Bean Coffee

Instagram: @jazmn_camille

You can get in touch with Jasmine about volunteering or becoming one of our nonprofit partners at

Photo by Tess Cagle

Photo by Tess Cagle


Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray is a freelance writer, brand manager, part-time sociologist and full-time project manager for an industrial tech firm in Austin. Hailing from H-town, Lauren moved to Austin in 2015 for a fresh start and because she heard they had good tacos (this has proven to be true). An academic at heart, she earned her B.S. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University, and is currently working on her M.L.A. in Environmental Sociology from St. Edward’s. A strong advocate for racial equality, gender equality, positive sexual experiences and inclusive urbanism, Lauren has found her forreal girl gang of like minded women with #bossbabesatx and all of the dope ladies she has met in Austin. While she isn't feverishly writing away in her planner, she is somewhere drinking a beer in nature, curating playlists on Spotify or cuddling with her husky while watching movies featuring Sam Jack (he is bae, I am not ashamed). Hit her up if you ever wanna grab a coffee; she is at a solid four cups per day now. #eyetwitch

Favorite book: "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", Maya Angelou 

Feminist Icon: Frida Kahlo 

Favorite band: Dpat (producer) 

Her Austin gem: Volstead Lounge 

You can get in touch with Lauren about Houston events at


Event Production Assistant

June chee

June is #bossbabesATX's resident hypegirl, child, and lover of all things aesthetically significant. Originally from the Chinatown in Houston, she moved to Austin in 2015 to start school at the University of Texas. She is constantly on the grind, juggling her position at #bossbabesATX with her job as a Conservation/Preservation assistant at the Harry Ransom Center (plus a little tutoring side gig). She currently double majors at UT in Art History and International Relations, and is set to graduate before she can legally drink. She loves being Chinese-American, going to artistic spaces, or learning how to condition the male gaze through sex work. In her free time, she's usually drying flowers and collecting inspiration for how she's gonna kill the aesthetic game tomorrow.

You can usually find her wearing red, dancing poorly but enthusiastically at bossbabes meets, and telling women that they're beautiful and what they're wearing is A FREAKIN LOOK.

Favorite book: her notebook

Feminist Icon: Cardi B

Fave Band: Kari Faux, Frank Ocean

Austin Gem: ATM Gallery or the bibimbap at Arirang

You can see a picture of her picking her nose on Instagram @baozibitch

Photo by: @sorryiruinedyourholiday

Photo by: @sorryiruinedyourholiday

Photo by: Kevin Horn

Photo by: Kevin Horn


Illyana Bocanegra is a video maker living and working in Austin, Texas. She’s a hands-on creative collaborator, whose interests range from video production and editing to graphic design and reading up on all things strategy and more. Bocanegra grew up in McAllen, Texas, a city near the border of Mexico. Growing up Bocanegra took music lessons from her Father, a biology teacher and blues/rock musician. Later on she would study classical and jazz guitar in college from a peer in the music department. At the age of 18, Bocanegra moved from McAllen to study at UTSA only to transfer to ACC and then later to St. Edward’s University. There she mentored with Scott Christopherson, a documentary filmmaker who produced and directed Peace Officer. With the help and encouragement of Christopherson, she traveled to Scotland on a study abroad trip to create a short documentary about the Scottish Referendum. There she was interviewed on BBC World News about her class’s involvement and the interviews she conduced with many political and social influencers. When Bocanegra is not at a local event supporting her community, she’s in full on creator mode making her podcast The Sad Soup, and writing for a web series about young latinx adults living their parent’s american dream with poet Julian Copado. 

Favorite BookI Like You by Sandol Stoddard

Feminist Icon: Mallory Ortberg 

Favorite Band: St. Vincent (sainty)

Her Austin Gem: Taco Mex 

You can catch up with Illyana at
Twitter or on Instagram: @hillbillyana


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