Nice to meet ya, babe.

"Are there any open spots for your upcoming event?"

We're currently compiling a list of vendors to book for our 2017/2018 events. We usually book 4 - 6 vendors per event, curated for variety and individuality; we have a pretty hefty waitlist. Check out our biannual craftHER Market—that's the best way to get involved!

*You can also contact Maureen at for more information on our other event series, with links to your website and photos of your goods.

"I don't sell goods, but I'm a tarot reader/nail artist/etc. Is there space for me at your meets?"

Definitely! We love featuring interactive vendors at our events. Send us a rundown on what you offer and we will figure out what event works best to showcase your service.

"I'm from another city/state. Can I vend at your meets?"

We are unfortunately only open to local vendors for our #bossbabesATX meets and pop-up events. For our annual market, craftHER, we accept vendors from anywhere, as long as that vendor meets the other requirements. Our national brand, BABES FEST works with vendors in different areas as we do traveling pop-ups, so reach out! If we head your way, we will definitely let you know.

"I would like to pass out free samples of my companies product at your meets! How do I go about that?"

This would qualify as a sponsorship! Email about potential options.

"I own an information-based/service-based business, can I set up a table at one of your events?"

Our main focus during events is to connect the maker/curator of locally made tangible goods with our community. Based on your business, you might be better suited as a sponsor! Email us at for information.

"I am a consultant for a direct selling company. Can I sell at one of your meets?"

Our focus is to promote Austin-based businesses to help support and build local commerce—so we unfortunately don't work with large companies or direct selling companies unless you are the proprietor or owner and the company originated in Austin. Sorry about that; if you're interested about becoming a sponsor or donor, you can inquire here. *If you attend one of our meets, you're more than welcome to network and share your cards with women on your own accord!