Behind #bossbabesatx:

Despite massive growth in the creative industries and women's entrepreneurship, gender inequity is still rampant (take a look for yourself). We know women deserve better. And it's time for a change.

#bbatx is a platform of visibility, outreach and financial opportunity to 300+ Texas-based women artists, 500+ women-owned businesses and women activists. Our dynamic and engaging networking events, personal/professional development programs and showcases invite women-identifying artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to create coalitions, share their craft and explore new ideas. Through these productions and our community-development services, we create and sustain networks that financially and socially empower women and girls.

What does our programming look like?
Our productions center on personal and professional development, activism, the arts, entrepreneurialism, and community infrastructure. We host networking events, personal/professional development programs, art markets, exhibitions, multidisciplinary showcases and community discussions.Since we've been in operation, we've thrown more than 50 events, totaling 15,000 guests. We were named "Best Bossy Babes" of 2015 by The Austin Chronicle, Tribeza's Top 10 to Watch in 2016 and we were selected by The White House to attend the United State of Women Summit in June 2016 for our work in Texas. 

How do we do what we do?
Run by a volunteer board, committee and two part-time staffers, we're innovative, resourceful and dedicated to the creation of community through creativity and advocacy for equal rights. We could not do what we do without the financial support of our community and sponsors.

How did #bossbabesATX come to be?
We launched in Austin, Texas in May 2015. We grew out of need and we're now a nonprofit institution with year-round programming and coalition-building services.

Who is #bossbabesATX for?
Although #bossbabesATX works to promote and amplify self-identifying women in creative industry and the arts, our programming is geared toward the general public. We believe gender equity is a good thing for everyone. Our events are not gender-discriminant and all are welcome to attend.

Why do you use terms like "self-identifying women" or "women-identifying"?
We use the term "self-identifying woman" because we believe that the term "woman" encompasses many definitions—most of which are personal. We will not question if you are "woman" enough to attend. We will not question if you are "boss" enough to attend. You are welcome here.





Have a space you'd like us to use for an event? Want your art featured or sold at a meet (music, writing, illustrations, paintings, etc.)? Want to vend at a meet?  Want to contribute to the blog or have your work featured on the blog? Do you have job opportunities or events you'd like to share with the babes Sponsorship/press inquiries? Any other questions? Ideas?

Please read our FAQ, then email