One of the Babes: Merida B

Today, we feature Merida B, a craftswoman and bow tie babe based in Austin, Texas. Throughout the years, she has owned her own boutique and maintained an online shop. Catch her as a vendor at our June meet!

Q: What inspired you to start making your shop items at

A: I began the brand Merida.B when I was in college. I needed a bow tie for an event and attempted to make my own. Although the first one was an epic fail, it intrigued me to learn to make more. After four years of practice, research and dedication, I'm still going strong and what once was an idea has now become a lucrative business. 

Q: How do you stay inspired?

A: I stay inspired by reading and seeking knowledge, keeping my thoughts innovative and never in a box and surrounding myself with artistic and like-minded people.

Q: What have been your favorite moments of creativity (possibly a time when a burst of creative energy produced something you could have never expected, etc.)?

A: I think when I did a safe sex bow tie made out of Magnum condoms. That was def dope. It was for a good cause and was very fashionable.

Q: What have been the most challenging moments in your maker career thus far?

A: You have to be prepared for highs and lows, good and bad, but it's how you endure the storm. Opening and closing my own boutique was so bittersweet and one of the best experiences in my life. When I graduated and closed it the memories that remained were like, "Wow, I actually did it." [laughs]

Q: When you're discouraged, what do you run to or away from?

A: I run to God and positive energy, the power of prayer faith and manifestation.

Your favorite musician at the moment: Wale

Current read: "How Successful People Grow"

Your local Austin gem (can be a product, place, etc.): The Fort off of 5th and Chicon is my newfound sanctuary 

Your social media handles: @meridab on Instagram, @meridabboutique on Twitter