She Talks: A Conversation with Sloane Ivy and Devri Velazquez

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For this edition of She Talks, we feature an interview between local vlogger Sloane Ivy and fellow Austinite Devri Velazquez, the author of "Pretty, sick. Chick." Devri was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, Vasculitis, in 2010 as a college senior. In this interview, she describes her disease, explains auto-immune diseases, discusses her life beyond the sickness and her blog “Pretty, sick. Chick.” 

"I am very new to the vlogging/youtube community, but I am driven by life—which to me is a masterpiece comprised of small, little stories. I listen and seek out individuals with beautiful stories to share and for others to learn from," Sloane says. "This interview taught me so much. Not only about a rare auto-immune disease, but about strength—the strength to be great despite statistics or anything an expert tells you. Ms. Devri Velazquez embodies this strength in such an eloquently and downright badass way. "

About Sloane Ivy: "I am Sloane Ivy; I’m 26 and from Houston,Texas. I have a BA in Communications from LSU. Geaux Tigers! I work in the non-profit sector, and my passion is conversing with any and every individual I come into contact with and turning their story into something to be shared with the masses. I turned this passion into 'Conversations with Sloane Ivy.' As you've probably guessed I have conversations with people from all walks of life on any topic. I also live in North Austin with two boss babes and cannot get enough of Kerbey Queso!"

About Devri Velazquez: Devri is a 26-year-old native Austinite. She's a poet, thrifter, music lover, autoimmune disease (Vasculitis) conqueror, women's and equal rights ambassador and pretty sick chick.

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