The More You Know: Salaries in Austin's Tech Industry

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Live music, entrepreneurism, breakfast tacos (this one’s debatable)— Austin, Texas is a city that prides itself on topping lots of lists.  

But there’s one category (well, a few — Austin is the only fastest growing city with a shrinking black population) in which our fair (like really, really fair) city is doing abysmally.

In a list compiled earlier this year that ranked the best cities for women in tech, Austin found itself at the bottom. Of 58 major U.S. cities reviewed by SmartAsset, the list’s publisher, Austin ranked 55th, with a 79.6 percent pay gap below the national average of 86.7 percent. Austin women also fill only 21.2 percent of the city’s tech jobs.

So if you are a woman, in tech, in Austin, you more than likely make less than your male counterpart in the exact same role. (This is also, factually speaking, true if you are a woman in almost any industry, in any city.)

But how do you really know?

Enter Comparably, an online tool that compares salaries within the tech industry.

The recently launched site allows you to enter information about your location, job role, salary, ethnicity and, yes, gender for a comprehensive, crowdsourced, and transparent look at compensation in the tech sphere.

While you can’t compare mano y mano with your male coworkers, you can see how you stack up against your peers industry wide, and in specific locations. Importantly, you can use the data provided by other users to know how much you’re really worth.

Because just as facts and figures tell us that women make less than men on average, research has also shown that women undervalue themselves when it comes to compensation.

Knowing how much others are being paid, makes it easier for you to expect those same wages, whether via raise or in a new hire salary negotiation.

The tool’s other real boon to women is its surveying of company culture — one aspect of the tech industry that is notoriously not female-friendly. Less quantifiable than numerical earnings, Comparably attempts to tackle the culture question by asking users questions like “Have you ever been sexually harassed at work?” and compiling that data into easily digestible graphics.

So hop on over to Comparably, check it out, and play around. Because, the more you know.

The more you know
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