Everything You Need to Know About Your First #bossbabesATX Meet


Are you a ‪#‎bbatx‬ newbie? Here's a quick, little rundown as to what this meet is like!


Our meets are basically huge babe parties. We are not gender-discriminant and we are not career-discriminant, although we DO exist to serve self-identified women in creative industry. We will not question if you are woman enough or "boss" enough for this event, and we ask that you don't question others, either (pretty please... If you ever feel unsafe b/c of an attendee, please approach the BBATX team!).


When you check in, you'll receive a name tag. We have vendors, a photobooth, activities, a DJ, babe announcements, etc.

For the first hour, it's just unregulated mingling (checking out vendors, introducing yourself to people, etc.) and signing up for our babe announcements. THIS IS THE TIME TO BE AWKWARD. EMBRACE THE AWKWARD. LET YOURSELF BASK IN THE AWKWARD. *You won't make friends with everyone, and that's okay. We don't expect anyone to show up and behave like a contact-making droid. Whether you meet your new BFF or your new employer, keep an open mind and remember everyone's probably just as nervous as you (if they aren't, they've likely come before).

What are Babe Announcements?

Babe Announcements are an open-mic: Women proclaim their passions/their purpose/their intentions to the community (mostly about work or a project they've got in the making, collaborations they're seeking, etc.). We let 35 women onstage and sign-ups are open to EVERYONE. We also have an ASL interpreter for this portion (her name's Monica; she's the raddest).

After announcements, the mingling continues. The vendors are still open, you hopefully feel like the ice has been broken and our CEO (her name is J, she emcees the event) will prompt people to to continue introducing themselves to others.


We suggest bringing business cards, as well as paper and pen to take notes on during announcements!


Please remember that we aren't perfect (as a people, generally, as women, generally, and as an organization). We are attempting to create a safe space, so REACH OUT. We've thankfully had people reach out in the past, and that's made our events all the better. Ultimately, we love y'all and want you to have a good time within the parameters of the event. Feel free to email thebabes@bossbabes.org if you have any questions.

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