Community Spotlight: 3 Announcements You Missed

We had to push a couple announcements at our April meet to accommodate for Wendy Davis' (incredible) visit. Here are the few you missed:


1. "Shameless Dames, improv based on Broad City and Girls, opens in Austin this week. We don't f*cking care if you like this show. We're not going to smile. We're not going to apologize. Shameless Dames runs April 29th to June 3rd, Fridays at 10pmat The Institution Theater. Go to their website for more deets. You can get tickets for the event here. Use code: bossbabe for 20% off."

2. "#THEWANTABES are putting together a new membership program for girls (6th through 12th grade) in the Austin area.  We are on a mission to plant a seed and help build the foundation that will allow girls to live the life of their dreams and become exactly who they #WANTABE. In order to make this program beneficial, we need badass women who love what they do and would want to volunteer their time to offer mentorship, host master classes and allow job-shadowing, as well as general program volunteers. The program will start August 2016. For details, visit us on our website and on Instagram. Shoot an email to"

3. "Foster ATX is female-owned web-based startup that connects musicians and those passionate about cooking with our community through intimate gatherings. If you love music or food, join us for unique experiences showcasing local talent while meeting new people."