Today's Crush: La Futura es Indigena by Desert Flower Designers

If you've come to understand anything about #bossbabesATX, it's that we're all for collaboration. We believe there's power in discussion, investing in our community and the synergy shared between like-minded people.

Today, we'd like to share with you "la futura es indigena" by Erica Alcocer. This short film showcases jewelry by Alcocer's handmade jewelry line Desert Flower Designers, clothing by Crafts & Arts Clothing and many self-identifying women in the Austin community. Enjoy!

From the director, Erica Alcocer: This film is "a body of work that represents women/people of color collaborating in all veins of production. This is a work dedicated to reconnecting and reaching back to our indigenous roots as a diverse group of people of color in a place constantly trying to cleanse us of our cultura."