2016 Babe of the Year: Davia Roberts

In the first few months of the new year, we're celebrating the babes who helped buoy our community in 2016 with their inspiring ambition, work and success. 

Therapist, blogger, documentarian, and community organizer, Davia Roberts has made a career out of affirming women's worth through the creation of content focused on self-care and mental health. By helping to remove the stigma and cost burden that are so often barriers to seeking therapeutic help, Davia made wellness more accessible to women of all backgrounds in 2016. This year, she continued to advocate for the mental health of women by organizing the first annual SHE IS wellness retreat and by launching a biweekly podcast called AFFIRM

To learn more about Davia and the work she's doing in 2017, check out her wellness blog, Redefine Enough.

Where does the drive to do what you do — even when the struggle bus pulls up — come from?

I believe altruism plays a major role in my life and career choices. I feel a deep sense of purpose when I’m able to support others.

On occasion, my desire to help others means I may overextend to my own detriment. The past 6 months of 2016 were particularly challenging as I found myself overextended trying to be a support for my community in the midst of racial injustice and national traumas. I was burnt out. I wasn’t able to find balance until I stepped away, created space for daily affirmations, and became honest about my personal limits as a healer. Over time, I began to whisper gentle words like…

I’m not expected to be perfect.

I don’t have to do everything or be everything for everyone… and that’s okay.

Those affirming statements kept me going when I felt like my work wasn’t enough. They served as reminders that the core of my therapeutic work is to create space for women to be powerful within their vulnerability — and that I deserved to create the same opportunity for myself.

What have been your favorite moments of creative energy this past year?

I hosted my first wellness retreat with 5 other amazing women in July. I was blown away by the energy and creative style of each woman. We’re completely different but our creativity flowed together and we were able to create a restorative retreat for each of the attendees.

Needless to say, beauty is guaranteed to show up when women collaborate with one another.

What have been the most challenging moments throughout your career and perhaps in this year in particular?

The most challenging moments were realizing that some of the people I love dearly wouldn’t understand or support my work. This is difficult when you believe your work is an extension of your identity.

At times, I still struggle with the desire to have loved ones “understand,” but I have to remember that I don’t need validation to affirm my life’s work. Instead, I shift that energy to my God-given purpose and focus on creating spaces for healing and growth.

What's the one thing you're most proud of accomplishing this past year?

Honoring my voice.

Although I’m introverted by nature, I’m not shy when it comes to advocating about certain issues. Yet for some odd reason, I’ve struggled to truly advocate for my personal needs. 2016 has been the year where I’ve seen the most growth in my ability to honor my voice. Regardless of the outcome, I feel free when I allow myself to be authentic by expressing my needs or concerns.

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