October Tarotscopes from Solaris the Hii Priestess

This post is part of our monthly tarotscope series with Solaris the Hii Priestess, one of our regular exhibiting artists and routine collaborators. Each month, Solaris will draw cards for each astrological sign, and we'll publish the results. Enjoy!

Capricorn - VII Of Wands
Self-belief is very crucial at this time, Capricorn. Although you have worked hard to reach a level of accomplishment, prepare for challenges. This could be something in your professional or personal life. You may feel like the odds are against you, because the universe will test you. Don't allow this test to take your peace; you have worked hard at picking yourself up. Use your creativity to be innovative and allow it to help you when dealing with conflict. 

Aquarius - Temperance
This card suggests you should have patience and discipline in whatever you work toward. Temperance suggests using your higher self to find harmony and a middle ground when working with others or when facing opposition. When things seem chaotic, temperance is giving you peace and telling you to have a good self-care routine so that you can execute effectively.

Pisces - Justice
Before making a decision, weigh out the pros and cons, Pisces. This card represents divine judgment, letting you know that there are consequences to whatever path you choose. Whatever situation you are in, be ready to take accountability. Make sure your head is clear and you are balanced by intuition and logic. Make sure that you communicate effectively about what you want. 

Aries - 7 of Swords
Self-awareness is when you are mindful of everything that you do, Aries. Before being blunt, consider the delivery of your message. I know that it isn't easy when dealing with difficult people, but consider their feelings around this particular situation. The 7 of Swords is asking you to be the bigger person. Allow self-awareness to give you power.

Taurus - 4 of Pentacles
It is time to be mindful of your finances , if you have been spending a little more than usual it is time to have some discipline. strength comes from knowing that you have the control of your actions.It is okay to invest in yourself but make sure that the money that you are spending matches what money is coming in. The universe is putting you in a position to attract money and do the right thing with for future plans. Think of the bigger picture !

Gemini - The World
The world symbolizes completion and that a goal has been reached. This cards carries the message of maturity, wisdom and a cycle ending. You understand yourself better and now is the time to appreciate your trials and journey. You can give back with the knowledge that you have attained. Celebrate your victory, Gemini, because you have accomplished a goal that you set out to conquer (and selflessness is good act of kindness).

Cancer - The Magician
Self-awareness is the key to  fulfillment cancer make sure that your desires are in alignment with your vision. The magician is the creator and the alchemist of the deck ,he reminds you that You are the creator of your own life , and you are capable of getting what you want . It's time to get out into the world and make it happen for yourself. Have confidence in yourself and allow your light to shine through .

Leo - 9 of Swords
It's okay to be wrong, Leo. The 9 of Swords suggest that you are extremely disappointed by something/someone that you trusted. You had to experience this in order to become wiser, and you may have even felt anxiety or lost sleep over it. Once this has been viewed as a lesson, and not a loss, the sooner you will be able to take action and move forward. 

Virgo - Queen of Pentacles
It's your time, Virgo! The Queen symbolizes a generous and nurturing woman who is secure  and aware. She has gained wisdom and intuition but she is still exploring her motives. This card is telling you to do research, before you jump in head-first on a big project or commitment. Be resourceful and practical, Queen! 

Libra - The Moon  
When this card appears, this is a sign that important cycles are going to end and begin. We are all heavily influenced by the moon, just like the ocean's tides. Stay present during this time, as things could be revealed during this cycle. This card is not good or bad but just a confirmation to be mindful of what you are avoiding. Listen to your intuition and stop running away from your fear. 

Scorpio - King of Wands
This card is telling you to be a leader. Perhaps you have not embraced this side of yourself but it is in you. The Wands deals with passion and creativity. You need to take charge of your creativity, Scorpio, and be proactive about your vision. Challenge yourself to take control of what you do with your time. 

Sagittarius - Strength
This card represents power and self-discipline. Instead of resisting change or hardship, try to understand why this challenge has been thrown your way. This card is telling you to conquer the beast within, which includes negative thoughts, addictive behaviors and procrastination. 

A note from Solaris: Allow me Solaris The Hii Priestess, to give you a spiritual forecast for this upcoming week. My goal is to give you insight and awareness from the cards that I pull. As a tarot reader, my job is to make you aware and present of your current energy and to explore what is in your subconscious. I want to help you find closure and put you at ease if you are facing a tough decision. I am not a psychic—I consider myself a holistic counselor. 

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