December Tarotscopes


This post continues our monthly tarotscope series with Solaris the Hii Priestess, one of our regular exhibiting artists and routine collaborators. Each month, Solaris draws cards for each astrological sign and interprets your forecast.

Capricorn - Page of Wands 

You have been gifted by the universe a new creative vision or idea! The page is giving you the spirit of adventure and the enthusiasm to try something new. This is a time for you to freely express yourself in a new way (art, travel, work) without worrying. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box and let the divine universe use you as a vessel. 

Aquarius - The Star  

Aquarius, you are associated with Star card in tarot; what a lucky time! This month will be about rebirth and rejuvenation. The universe is giving you hope to believe again after a hard time. The Star is associated with the number 8, which is related to the completion of cycles and strength. You have completed a new cycle in your life; it’s time to bring in the new. What perfect timing for a new year to begin. It’s your time to shine.

Pisces - Death  

Cycles begin and cycles end. This is a time for radical transformation Pisces. It’s not going to be an easy transition and there will be some resistance when you feel uncertain, but trust the process and convince yourself that surrendering will be better for you in the long run. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and move forward. It was an experience. Embrace a new beginning and grow. 

Aries - The Moon  

Our instincts are buried in our subconscious; are you paying attention to your shadow self Aries ? The Moon card comes up to challenge your judgement and intuition. Are you being honest with yourself? Are you checking your intentions and everyone that you have around? 

Taurus - 10 of Swords 

Sometimes we have no control over our circumstances, but how do you plan on dealing with it when it affects you negatively Taurus? Do you act as a victim or do you understand that the spirit realm gives you challenges to help you advance in the long run? This month look at challenges as a test that you can pass. 

Gemini - Queen of Pentacles 

This is a time of putting your talents to use Gemini, for it could bring you new opportunities to expand your coins! Queens love to live in luxury with the comfort of what money can bring. Create the vision of the life you want to live. It’s time to clean house and prioritize what is important to nurture and grow .

Cancer - Page of Cups 

A wonderful surprise could be in store for you Cancer! Perhaps there is something you have been contemplating or trying to reconnect with that will show up. Your energy is a powerful thing and the universe always says yes to the vibrations that you put out. Make sure that you are expressing gratitude for what’s to come! 

Leo - 9 of Pentacles 

The number 9 deals with choice and fate. Your choices now will affect your fate. Pentacles deals with the element of Earth and money. All of your hard work and sacrifices are paying off. Ease up on yourself a little; it’s okay to congratulate yourself on your progress no matter how small or big it is Leo. Stay disciplined and your needs will always be met. 

Virgo - King of Swords  

Naturally, Virgo, you are a quick thinker with sharp intellect. Swords deals with the mind and a King deals with fire and passion, calling you to be the ruler of your mind. Cut through any deception by using your logic. Kings have the responsibility of running their kingdom and making rational decisions. Your happiness depends on you inspecting your life and cutting off what no longer serves you. 

Libra - 6 of Swords  

The number 6 is giving you an opportunity to learn something new and to improve your imperfections. Swords is dealing with your mind, indicating that there is a journey that is ahead of you caused by sorrow from past actions. Take this time move to forward and heal Libra. 

Scorpio- The Emperor  

The Emperor is associated with the number 4 which deals with balance and symmetry. This is a father-like energy that exudes authority. Look for wisdom from within or from an elder in your life. Your focus should be on building structure and stability. Remove distractions to achieve a solid foundation. 

Sagittarius- 3 of Wands 

Wands deals with the element of fire  and creativity; the number 3 in tarot deals with complexity or cooperation. You have a lot of different ideas which could lead you to be scatterbrained. You can pursue all things but focus on one at time. Create a checklist and set goals; don’t allow your fire to fizzle out from being overwhelmed. Lean on supportive people who will help you stick with completing your task .

A note from Solaris: Allow me Solaris The Hii Priestess, to give you a spiritual forecast for this upcoming week. My goal is to give you insight and awareness from the cards that I pull. As a tarot reader, my job is to make you aware and present of your current energy and to explore what is in your subconscious. I want to help you find closure and put you at ease if you are facing a tough decision. I am not a psychic—I consider myself a holistic counselor. 

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