#bossbabesATX February 2017 Meet Recap: Announcer Info and Photos

Last night was our first meet of 2017!

Huge shouts to all of our vendors and activities:



Fox & Brie


Anne Marie Beard Designs

Amurica TX Photobooth

#bossbabesATX BABE BINGO

#bossbabesATX Write Your Reps Postcard Station


The posters on display above our table (Stop. You are smart. You are strong. You are independent. Carry on.) were created in partnership with Dawn Okoro, our resident artist for February.


This month, we also introduced a topic question: 

"How do you envision gender equity in the workplace? And what does the term 'gender equity' mean to you?"

We'll be sharing those anonymous answers on the blog soon.



Alexandra Wilson — Queens Who Conquer Brunch

Amanda Cooper — Austin-based 5th Vital Sign

Angela Epley — Financial Planner

Bianca Flores / Michelle Mejia — Mama Sana-Vibrant Woman

Blanca Urano — Waterstone Salon

Celina Chavana — GEMS United

Celina Zisman — National Grab Back (President's Day Virtual March)

Charlesanne Rabensburg — Lost Rabbit Collective (Theatre Company)

Christina Dietz — HeartArt Color Therapy

Dania Clarke — Launching Entrepreneur Podcast

Desiree Marie Voight — Bridal Design and Costume Design

Diana Haggerty — Spring/Summer Body-Positive Camps for Teens

Faye Fearless — Lez Prom

Gina Giordano — Doula Trainings International

Isabel Dore — Vagina Monologues

Kayla Sokol — Odom Girls Beef

Lisa Belcher — Gift the Movie

Madeline Enos — Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC)

Martha Mirza — Esthetician at Hierarchy Brows

Megan Mills — American Cancer Society Fundraiser

Michelle Millie — Urban Stems

Natalia Ciolko — On the Record with the Texas Tribune

Phyllis Kung — Essential Qi and Chinese face-reading

Rachel Manning — Femme Film Fridays

Renee Villanueva — Motherly Hustle

Julia Lorenz-Olson — Art of Finance

Sara Fritsch — Moxie Space

Sarah Marloff / Ezra Edwards — Guerrilla Queer Bar

Shannon Donaldson — Succulent Native

Tanya Tarr — Negotiation tinyletter

Victoria Van de Ryt — Second Skin Apparel Company

Veronica Gonzalez-Laboy — Awe Events

***if you require additional information on these announcers,

please email thebabes@bossbabes.org with their name and business info.


photobooth snaps:

You can also grab shots from Amurica ATX's Austin AF photobooth! If you'd like to browse the gallery or download your photos, click through below.

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