One of the Babes: Davonna Corzine

From a young age, Davonna Corzine has been interested in the metaphysical realm, learning the practice of tarot card reading — what she likens metaphysical therapy — in high school. She now shares that tradition with other babes throughout the city, helping them to find closure or to put their mind at ease, and reminding them to always reinvent themselves.

Learn more about Davonna's passion for her craft below. 


What inspired you to start working in the field/Industry? Did you have any role models or learn from someone, in particular?

Coming from a Creole background I've always been intrigued by the metaphysical realm and practices. My uncle introduced me to palm reading at a very young age. Throughout high school I began to further my research in tarot/palm reading and different forms of holistic healing.

Do you have any tidbits of advice for people with passions, in general?

Be fearless and stay open-minded and innovative. Always reinvent yourself and remember your greatest attributes can always be improved upon.

What have been your favorite moments of creativity (possibly a time when a burst of creative energy produced something you could have never expected, etc.)?

When I can give someone a sense of closure or put their mind at ease with a simple pull of a card.

What have been your most challenging moments in your career, thus far?

Trying to get people to understand the true meaning, purpose and history of tarot reading. Getting people to understand that it isn't “black magic” or “witchcraft” — more like metaphysical therapy.

What's your day job (if this business isn't your day job)?


When you're discouraged, what do you run to or away from?

I run away from social media. Being able to see the whole world in my hands makes it easy to compare and create unrealistic expectations based on others reality.

Your favorite band at the moment:


Your favorite book at the moment:

Kama Sutra.

Your local Austin gem (can be a product, place, etc.):

Nature's Treasures.

Your social media handles:

Instagram: @womanifesto

Online store: