25 Things You Can Do On International Women's Day 2017

On March 8, 2017, we'll celebrate International Women's Day, a call on the masses (and ourselves) to help forge a better working world—a more inclusive, gender-equal world. This year, we aren't hosting an event; our founder, Jane Hervey, will be inducted into the Austin Women's Hall of Fame that evening (hell yeah!). So, instead, we've compiled a list of local and nationwide events, plus some things you can do on your own to get involved.

*Click links for more info; it's important to note we have not organized any of the events listed. If you have questions, please contact the organizers for further information.


1.) Austin Women's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony @ 5:30 PM

The City of Austin Commission for Women announces this year’s ceremony to honor new inductees into the Austin Women's Hall of Fame. These distinguished individuals will be honored at the induction reception and ceremony on March 8, 2017, at the City Hall Atrium (201 W. 2nd St., Austin, TX). The inductees include Robbie Ausley, Colette Pierce Burnette, our founder Jane Hervey, Ann Howard, Patsy Woods Martin and Jill Ramirez.

The new inductees for the Hall of Fame have made significant contributions for women in the Austin area and beyond, by breaking through barriers for women, working to better the lives of women and girls, and outstanding public or community service.

2.) She's Beautiful When She's Angry: Screening at Alamo Drafthouse @ 7 PM

Presented by the Austin Democratic Socialists of America's Feminist Action Committee, the Alamo Drafthouse will host a special screening of the documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry to raise money for The Lilith Fund of Austin!

3.) Austin Tan Cerca de La Frontera Fundraiser

Honoring their co-founder’s anniversary, Judith Rosenberg, and Fund for the Future, ATCF’s spring fundraiser event will unify the generational bridge that connects emerging leaders from old to new. The event features FREE food and drinks, live music, a silent auction, Latinx vendors, and poetry. Their goal is to raise $20,000, bring organizations closer together during this time of need, and they're asking folks to donate what they can to support their cross-border solidarity work. All proceeds will support grassroots resistance by continuing their solidarity delegations to the border—organizing a reverse delegation from Mexico to Texas, funding their annual Women & Fair Trade Festival, and reinforcing cross-border networks to take action against immigrant raids, detention and deportations.

4. International Women's Day Lightning Talks

In partnership with some kickass women-oriented organizations and businesses, including Wendy Davis' Deeds Not Words, General Assembly Austin will host a series of lightning talks—conversations with female leaders who are spearheading local innovation in tech, culture, social media and politics. They’ll discuss how they’ve pioneered gender equality in their industries, the challenges they faced and provide key tips and strategies on taking action. After the talk, connect with people of all backgrounds in your community, and pledge to #BeBoldForChange in 2017.

5.) A Day About Women

March On! Texas wants to recognize the many women who work hard every day to fuel their passion and feed their families with women-owned businesses. On March 8, they want to give those women an opportunity to showcase their skills and creations at A Day About Women!, a happy hour at Cheer Up Charlie's.

6.) International Women's Day Celebration at Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages of Austin is hosting an International Women's Day Celebration in recognition of the work that all women do throughout the world. The event will be in their store at 4803 Burnet Rd. from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Come out for an evening of fair-trade shopping, live music, ethical fashion, raffle prizes and more!

7.) SHE Sanctuary by Soma Vida

On March 8th, in honor of International Women’s Day and in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman, Soma Vida will offer, SHE Sanctuary, a day of respite and self-care for women who are working, women who are leading, women who are mothering, women who are striking… for ALL women who are resisting. All female-identifying women who attend will receive access to co-working and complimentary self-care services.


8.) International Women's Strike

The Women's March has called for an International Women's Strike (AKA A Day Without A Woman) to demonstrate the profound impact women in the workforce have on the United States economy.

From the March: "Millions of women in the United States are finally fed up not only with the blatant misogyny of the Trump’s administration, but also with decades of continuous attacks on women’s lives and bodies.”


9.) Grab dinner with the spectacular women in your life and share professional, activism-related and community resources.

10.) Invite friends over to write postcards to your representatives about bills in your state (In Texas, we're particularly concerned about HB12 and SB6); it still helps!

11.) Read (AND BUY) a book written by a woman of color.

12.) Watch 13th on Netflix by Ava Duvernay.

13.) Shop woman-owned!

14.) Donate to some of our favorite woman-powered nonprofits, like Counterbalance ATX, the YWCA ATX and Girls Empowerment Network.

15.) Watch She's Beautiful When She's Angry on Netflix by Mary Dore.

16.) Write love letters to your girlfriends; send them via snail mail.

17.) Volunteer some place you care about! You can do it.

18.) Consider donating to the Worker's Defense Project. International Women's Day is meant to reignite the discussion about parity in the workplace; undocumented immigrant workers need our support, too.

19.) Do your research! Take some time to familiarize yourself with current landscape in our government (both local, state-level and national). We suggest Countable.

20.) Find out how you can be a better ally (check all that apply — educate yourself on White Feminism; engage in sisterhood, not cisterhood; explore the history of intersectional feminism; support Black-owned and Brown-owned businesses; listen.)

21.) Brush up on your negotiation skills.

22.) Read comics about the resistance.

23.) Listen to feminist podcasts! 

24.) Literally just take a bath or a long, hot shower—whatever's clever. Reinforce your badassery, so the next time you've gotta deal with patriarchal bullshit, you're ready to go.

25.) Write down all of the cool stuff you've done in the last year despite this political climate. Hold onto that.

We love y'all and have a happy International Women's Day.

xx, the babes