September Tarotscopes from Solaris the Hii Priestess

Today, we're introducing our monthly tarotscope series with Solaris the Hii Priestess, one of our regular exhibiting artists and routine collaborators. Each month, Solaris will draw cards for each astrological sign, and we'll publish the results. Enjoy!

Capricorn - Wheel Of Fortune
Understand that things go in cycles; you must learn how to let go and adapt to changes. This card challenges you to not be stagnant but to be active in obtaining your goals. If you feel that things are on the downside, there are things you can you do to improve your situation, whether it's changing your perception or an actual act. Ups and downs are a natural part of life and maybe you feel like there are circumstances that out of your control being thrown at you. Don't be afraid to take a risk—the wheel can always turn in your favor!

Aquarius - Three Of Wands
It's time for you to see all of the possibilities that are in front of you. What do you need to commit yourself to, and how can expand your horizons? Upcoming challenges may come with the new changes, but I assure you it's for the better. Now is the time for you to get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow. Have confidence that you will be successful with anything that you set out to do. This card can also lean toward travel, so be bold and fearless and go for it.

Pisces - 4 Of Pentacles
Don't beat yourself up about what you have done wrong with your finances. This card indicates that you are striving toward having financial peace and stability, but you're being too hard on yourself. Relax and know that you got this! With proper preparation, you can obtain the security and comfort that you want. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself; be it a passion project or allowing the space for a break. It is easy to let your fear get the best of you, but life is about experiences—don't sell yourself short.

Aries - Knight Of Wands
Apply recent new surges of energy to the areas that you want to see a change in. A knight has no fear—only courage—to win any battles against them. Use this mentality to fuel your confidence and your vision. On the flip side, don't allow impulsive urges to win over a preconceived plan. A man that fails to plan, plans to fail, and there are consequences for all of your actions. Don't lose sight of the vision that you have, while also balancing your current reality.

Taurus - The Moon
This card symbolizes mystery and changes. The moon rules the subconscious giving you the message through dreams, visions, Deja Vu, and imagination. Your relationships and situations may be shifting and evolving, so it's time for you to explore the nature of people around you. See what their true intentions are. Question if they are in your life for the greater good or to drain you. The moon is often portrayed as an illusion, so ask yourself, are things shining on their own or are they a reflection? (Keep in mind that the Moon only shines because its surface reflects light from the sun.)

Gemini - The Sun
The Sun card is a great representation for you, Gemini. It symbolizes fun, positive vibes and your inner child. What a great time to be optimistic, especially if you feel down or lack of clarity about some things in your life. It's okay to balance both reality and entertainment, responsibilities and fun, creativity and work. The sun is giving you strength to accomplish whatever you are trying to achieve. Learn from children. They don't hold on to sadness or anger for too long, and their main goal is to have fun and play with their friends and family. Express your creativity freely.

Cancer - Knight Of Swords
This represents the element of air which deals with the mind. You may feel the need to understand someone's point of view and maybe you're getting frustrated, but this is a sign that you need to take charge of protecting your energy. As a Cancer, you are a natural nurturer. Now it's time for you to nurture yourself back to feeling whole. The knight of swords is giving you the energy to overcome any obstacles that are standing in your way. It's OK to focus on yourself. Don't feel bad about saying no because, in the end, it will give you peace.

Leo - The Devil
The Devil card represents self-imprisonment caused by negative thoughtsm which challenge you to face your fear so that you are no longer held back. Negative habits and behaviors such as jealousy, greed, materialism are all things that keep you from experiencing spiritual freedom. Release yourself from personal bondage. It may seem like you're in a situation that you have no control of, but the chains around your neck are loose which shows that you may be distracted by some sort of illusion. Be aware of the people and situations that bring your vibrations down.

Virgo - Knight Of Cups
This is calling you to deal with matters of the heart. Use your emotions to guide you through your relationship or journey to finding love. This card is telling you to analyze your dreams because there may be a message for you. Be open-minded, Virgo, because someone or something new is coming in your life for your benefit. Use your magic to manifest exactly what you want to show up in your life. You may also feel inspired creatively to start a new passion project so let yourself fully feel and enjoy every moment of this flame. Don't hold back. 

Libra - 9 Of Wands
This illustrates that you may be going through a real test of faith right now. Because of the conflict that you have been going through, you're always expecting the worst and you remain on your guard preparing to be defensive. Remain resilient, Libra, as you strive for peace and harmony. Things will balance very soon. Allow for the lesson to be learned and don't hold on to any grudges. Use this lesson as wisdom. The hardship is almost over and the light is near! 

Scorpio - The Hanged Man
A symbol of release, preparing you for a spiritual shift with an opportunity to change your perspective about your trials. Although it may seem like you are powerless there is much enlightenment to gain. The release comes after a change is complete. Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar, surrender to the process so that you can fly! 

Sagittarius - 8 Of Cups
It's OK to be vulnerable and admit that you've been disappointed by some aspect of your love life. Sometimes the best thing to do is walk away no matter how much time and energy that you have invested. If the love was not reciprocated, letting go will save you pain in the long run. Your natural, happy, spontaneous nature will bring you back to life as something better awaits!

A note from Solaris: Allow me Solaris The Hii Priestess, to give you a spiritual forecast for this upcoming week. My goal is to give you insight and awareness from the cards that I pull. As a tarot reader, my job is to make you aware and present of your current energy and to explore what is in your subconscious. I want to help you find closure and put you at ease if you are facing a tough decision. I am not a psychic—I consider myself a holistic counselor. 

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