On Creating Synergy: Three Reminders For Personal And Professional Alignment

It’s time to invest in relationships, projects and people that will help us grow. It’s time to create a little synergy.

synergy (n.): the benefit that results when two or more agents work together to achieve something either one couldn't have achieved on its own.

It's the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. In life, at work and in our communities, synergy is that space where the magic happens—where things fall into place, values align and our ideas find a home.

So, what does professional and personal synergy look like? How do we reject cultures of comparison and approach collaboration? How do we protect our own energy as we navigate opportunities, successes and failures? This Spring, our programs will serve as a moment to hear from and amplify women and nonbinary leaders in our community who create synergy through their work.

And as you move through our events for the next three months, we encourage you to keep the following three reminders in mind.

reminder no. 1: invest in relationships, peoples and projects that help you grow.

We all deserve a healthy audit once in a while. If you’re feeling out of place or burnt out, take stock of your inventory. Where do you feel stuck in life? Why? Where do you feel pulled? Why?

It’s OK to not have the answers. It’s OK to feel uncomfortable as you determine what you want—and don’t want. Don’t deny yourself the chance to figure it out.

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

reminder no. 2: protect your creative and collaborative energy.

It’s hard to keep ourselves healthy, happy and cared for, if we don’t have the emotional and practical tools required to navigate our day-to-day responsibilities.

This Spring, we are leaning into learning more about the ways that we work with others. How can we become better leaders? Where can we better enforce our boundaries? How can we conserve our energy to do the things we want to do?

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

reminder no. 3: comparison is the thief of original creativity.

A little competition is healthy, and a solid collaboration can move mountains. But comparison? Comparison keeps us from seeing ourselves—and those around us—authentically. It holds us back from making good decisions and clouds our judgment. You deserve to love your own lane.

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

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