On Finding Flow: Three Reminders For Personal And Professional Patience

A flow state, also known as “being in the zone,” is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment.

In life and in business, we face ebbs and flows. It’s natural and normal to go through stages of decline and regrowth, as technology, the market, or our own vision changes. But sometimes this growth can be frustrating. We feel rushed and too slow—not enough, yet too much . So, how can we exercise patience with ourselves as we grow? How can we better honor our natural rhythms for learning and change? How can we find focus and enjoyment in the present?

This summer, our programs will amplify women and nonbinary creatives, business owners and leaders who are exploring ways to find flow within their work, projects, causes and collaborations. As you move through our events for the next three months and hear their stories, we encourage you to keep the following three reminders in mind.

This post has been written by #BBATX Founding Executive and Creative Director, Jane Hervey.

reminder no. 1: give yourself space and time to think.

The world moves fast these days. So, when we’re feeling creatively spun out or overcharged, it can be difficult to center our attention in one direction. It can feel like we don’t have the time, nor the privilege, to determine our next moves, solve the problems we’re facing, or celebrate our successes.

You deserve to pause, slow down and catch up with your thoughts and your desires. Create space and time to find your flow state. Whether you build it into your morning routine, set aside two hours to “think” on your Google calendar or block off a weekend for alone time, you’ve got every right to sit in the present.

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

reminder no. 2: it’s ok to say no.

Your attention is a resource. Your attention can transform, heal and create worlds, relationships, new businesses, people, places and things. It’s OK to be mindful of how you spend it.

It’s OK to opt out. It’s OK to experience FOMO. It’s OK to focus on you, your community, your family, your projects and the things that you care about.

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

reminder no. 3: don’t hate on your ebb. don’t hate on your flow.

Sometimes, sustained focus on the things we want to achieve is rough. It can warp our sense of fulfillment and leave us feeling frustrated or upset when we don’t immediately achieve the results that we want.

Remember—busy is not better. Constant productivity is not sustainable. Part of finding your flow is respecting the moments when your excitement, passion or focus ebbs. Let yourself recharge without judgment and shame.

Image designed by Jane Hervey

Image designed by Jane Hervey

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