Finding Your Present: Spring Tarotscopes with Solaris the Hii Priestess

This post continues our seasonal tarotscope series with Solaris the Hii Priestess, one of our regular exhibiting artists and routine collaborators. Each season, Solaris draws cards for each astrological sign and interprets your forecast. (You can find Solaris at Space 24 Twenty on Guadalupe St. in the back tent from 4 to 8 PM every Tuesday .)

Capricorn — The 6 of Cups
This a card of nostalgia, happy memories, platonic relationships and reunions with family or friends from the past. The element here is water which relates to love and emotions. The No. 6 in numerology stands for home, responsibility and family. For someone looking for love or a relationship with another person, this card would be a "no" to romance but a "yes" to true friendship instead. This card often appears when old friends meet up again or someone comes back from the past.

Aquarius — The Magician
This card combines all four elements in a single Ace. Its numerology is important, as this card is a card of power, as well as creativity. The Magician has the power to create something from nothing. The Magician also has the power to transform. Although the misuse of this card can corrupt, it can also point to channels for good use of this power. Whatever your situation is this spring, you have the ability to take control, create the new or change the existing into something better.

Pisces — The Empress
This card embodies femininity, fertility, beauty and romance. This is a woman of power. She is the Earth mother. This card can point to a pregnancy or the desire to be fertile and pregnant. She sits in fertile lands abundant with plants, flowers and fruits. This card represents all that you desire. She is often referenced to as Venus, Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. The appearance of The Empress can indicate plans, events that have not yet come to fruition but are growing and receiving, and/or needing nurture. As a person, The Empress points to a mother or mother figure.

Aries — The 9 of Wands
This card indicates the completion of projects, endings in the home and workplace. The element here is Fire which relates to passion, community, work and creativity. The aspects of the number 9 in numerology are endings, completion of cycles, charity and generosity.

Taurus — The Moon
This is the card of illusion, confusion, falseness, monthly cycles, imagination, intuition and the subconscious (dreams and nightmares). The light of The Moon is a false light, a reflected light, a light that is never the same from night to night. In the light of The Moon the world appears differently and our natural instinct is to fear the night and indicates a period of fertility and/or sexuality.

Gemini — 2 of Cups
In this card, a man and a woman stand facing, holding a cup towards each other. In some tarot decks, their arms may be crossed and they may also be drinking from the cups. This card is more commonly associated with a romantic relationship than a platonic one. This is a card of nostalgia. It may mean that you and your lover are in harmony, or you may be reunited with a friend or even a hobby that brings you comfort or a peace of mind. 

Cancer — The Ace of Cups
This card is traditionally represented as a single vessel filled with water. Its symbology is simple; it has the element of water and a numerological value of one. As a one, it represents a new beginning and—with water as the element—an emotional one. You may be in for an overwhelming time, dealing with emotions that you have been trying to avoid. But remember, crying is a cleansing ritual. This card also points toward a romantic relationship that needs some attention or towards healing yourself. Remember, Cancer, you are the element of water, and this means you should listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. 

Leo — The 7 of Swords
This is a card of theft, greed, deceit and avoiding confrontation. The element here is Air, which relates to challenges, conflicts and the mental aspects of our lives, i.e. the storms on the path of life that we have to navigate through. In numerology a number has positive, negative and destructive influences. The negative aspects of the number 7 in numerology are hate, theft, cheating, confusion and lies. On the flip side, the positive aspects in numerology of the 7 are rest, introspection and thinking before making a final decision.

Virgo - The World
This is the card of completion, accomplishment, victory, travel and expansion. It's a happy card to find in any spread, as it is the final card of the major arcana and symbolizes the end of the journey of the fool. It represents the ultimate goal and reaching the pinnacle in your life. In numerology the World has the number 21 in the major arcana, so in numerology this is reduced to 3 (2+1). The number 3 is the number of joy in your life, freedom from worry, expression, imagination and sociability. 

Libra — The Star
This is the card of hope, renewal, direction, navigation and success. The Star can point to good things to come, especially toward the other cards surrounding it in a spread. The woman is naked in The Star and she pours  one container onto the land and the other into the sea. The water represents the subconscious mind and emotions and the land represents the material world. This symbolizes renewal and balance. In numerology, the Star also has the number 17 in the major arcana, which is reduced to 8 (1+7). The number 8 is the number of success, good fortune, wealth, power and control. 

Scorpio — The Page of Pentacles
This card could be indicate that you are a young person stubborn and/or reluctant to change. Pages also represent messengers who bring news. This news could be about money, promotions etc. The element here is Earth, so the message you receive this season will more likely be about money.

Sagittarius — The Ace of Swords
This card is traditionally represented as a single, upright sword, sometimes with its tip inside a crown or gold ring. As a one, it represents a new beginning and, with air as the element, this beginning has to do with new challenges or new ideas. This could be a contract, a business opportunity or a situation that needs to be dealt with. Be open to the new.

A note from Solaris: Allow me Solaris The Hii Priestess, to give you a spiritual forecast for this upcoming week. My goal is to give you insight and awareness from the cards that I pull. As a tarot reader, my job is to make you aware and present of your current energy and to explore what is in your subconscious. I want to help you find closure and put you at ease if you are facing a tough decision. I am not a psychic—I consider myself a holistic counselor.