Where Do We Find Goodness In Our Lives?

At our last community meet-up in Austin, Texas, we asked 'Where are you finding the good in your life right now?' You answered by telling us about the good you find in yourselves, in others, in trying new things and even in Austin. We've collected some of your answers below. 

PS: Our theme for our next meet is "When Do You Feel Most Supported?" Answer at our next meet, happening August 15 at Cheer Up Charlies. 

June Topic Question_2.jpg
June Topic Question_12.jpg
June Topic Question_4.jpg
June Topic Question_5.jpg
June Topic Question_8.jpg
June Topic Question_6.jpg
June Topic Question_9.jpg
June Topic Question_7.jpg
June Topic Question_10.jpg
June Topic Question_1.jpg
June Topic Question_11.jpg
June Topic Question_3.jpg
June Topic Question_13.jpg

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