On Self-Love, On Self-Worth: A Portrait Series By Photographer Jinni J

On January 25, 2019 we hosted our Third-Annual State of the Uterus, a fundraising party for reproductive justice and human rights. And during the party, one of our artists-in-residence, Jinni J, installed an interactive portrait station. Jinni J invited each attendee to create a motivational reflection of themselves, transcribing their answer to the question “What Makes You Resilient?” on a hand mirror.

Today, we’d like to share the messages she collected with you. Explore the gallery below for inspiration, reminders of courage and an incredible exhibition of our community’s empathy, self-confidence and care.

What Makes You Resilient?

About the artist Jinni J: Jinni J is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur living and working in Austin, TX. Her latest series “Body, A Love Letter”, on display the #bbatx headquarters, is an exercise in vulnerability and explores love and relationships, particularly with oneself. To learn more about our artist in residency program and our previous residency roster, click here.

This installation was produced during #BBATX’s Third Annual State of the Uterus. Curious about the program? Click here. Want to get involved in upcoming events? Click here.

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