On Making Space To Flourish: Three Reminders For Embracing Growth

flourish (n.): to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

When we make work under our best conditions, we do more than survive—we thrive. And what grow toward (or say no to) has a lot do with it. Whether you’re a small business owner, independent artist or creative leader, your career pathway will take resilience and strategic decision-making. Where do you choose to go? What makes something a yes? Which environments are best for your growth?

Throughout Fall 2019, our events and programs will amplify women and nonbinary creatives, business owners and leaders who are creating the best conditions for their work, projects, causes and collaborations. As you move through our events for the next three months and hear their stories, we encourage you to keep the following reminders in mind.

This post has been written by #BBATX Founding Executive and Creative Director, Jane Hervey.

reminder no. 1: you are the expert of your own experience.

With new growth comes new opportunities and decisions, oftentimes requiring a step outside of your comfort zone or circle of competence. When you’re in these new environments and feeling uncertain, it’s good to remember that you are the expert of your own experience. You know when something feels good—or when something feels bad, scary and intimidating. Train your intuition by tuning into those feelings. What conditions do you need to do your best work, no matter where you are?

reminder no. 2: be kind to the parts of you that are still learning.

When we’re on top of our game, we have a hard time slowing down. We push ourselves to find more and more ways to improve and optimize. Instead, create and cultivate environments that acknowledge what’s working and approach growth areas with respect and patience.

reminder no. 3: what you pay attention to grows.

Your time is valuable, and the way you spend your day-to-day informs the opportunities you have access to, the people you meet and the things you choose to focus on. So, spend your attention wisely. Focus on people, places and things that are designed to help you flourish. Be the energy you want to attract.


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