On Creative Entrepreneurship: 10 Takeaways from craftHER Market Spring '19

On Workflow and Family Life panel at craftHER Market Spring ‘19. Photo by Maya Coplin

On Workflow and Family Life panel at craftHER Market Spring ‘19. Photo by Maya Coplin

synergy (noun): the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Another season of craftHER has come and gone, but the vibes of synergy and creative entrepreneurship have long stayed with us, and we’re stoked to carry some of the lessons we learned into our professional and personal endeavors into this summer season and beyond.

Last month, 3200 attendees filled Fair Market on Sunday, April 14 for our sixth installment of craftHER Market, and attendees walked away with more than amazing crafts. They left with knowledge about synergy and creative entrepreneurship from our craftHER panels, as speakers explored what alignment looks like in creative work, communication and collaboration. Here are the 10 takeaways from those conversations:

On Diverse and Inclusive Marketing

Curated and moderated by #BBATX committee member Isabella Toledo, this craftHER panel discussed diverse and inclusive marketing practices and how responsible are we for the audiences our projects and businesses attract. Here were a few standout lessons:

“When you don’t have diverse faces behind your brand, in your brand, then you’re telling people that they’re not included in your brand.” — Kelly Dugan, editor-in-chief of Peach Fuzz Magazine, on marginalized groups existing  behind the scenes as staff and not just faces of your brand

“Diversity isn’t about looking for someone. It’s about who recognizing who isn’t here and how can I prioritize getting those people here AND feel comfortable.” — TK Tunchez of Las Ofrendas on finding and casting diverse models in your marketing.

“It’s more of what can I learn from you. Do we align? Do we have the same values? Do you bring something different to the table? It’s about an open dialogue.” — Adriana Arispe of Meerbra on how valuing diversity and inclusiveness in marketing plays a role in partnerships 

On Staying Socially Responsible

Curated and moderated by #BBATX committee member Cara Cate, in this craftHER panel three members of our community discussed how they have upheld social responsibility within their brands and artistic practices. Here were a few standout lessons:

“Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Don’t be afraid to be a little reckless. There is joy in being able to just see what happens and learn from that. Be fearless, authentic, passionate, surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to challenge you but ultimately believe in you.” — Elie Wu, co-founder of the Mahala Project, on adding a philanthropic aspect to your brand

“Being conscious that there’s gonna be a deficit when you give so much of yourself to something that requires creative power. Building in time to recoup. Social responsibility starts with taking care of ourselves.” — Yvonne Keyrouz, an artist and collaborator of the The Seam Project, on practicing self-care when you need to balance your creative life

Collaboration is a way to embody trust in others and amazing things will emerge from the project. You can’t predict what will happen when two or more people come together to produce something and that’s magical.” — Tina Sparkles of IMMEDIATE Fashion School on balancing social responsibility and community collaboration with your art/biz

On Comparison and Competition In Creative Entrepreneurship

Curated and moderated by #BBATX committee member Cynthia Muñoz, in this craftHER panel different creatives talked about their approach to competition and collaboration. Here were a few standout lessons:

“Where do I spend the majority of my time and resources? I try and balance the mentally straining part of my process. I break it down into little, more attainable parts.” — Sarah Castillo, a curator, gallerist, and artist, on managing having a day job outside of your creative practice

“What am I bringing that is different? I go back through my past content to find something I have already created that was unique. I look back at something that I have created and allow it to evoke something.” — Melanie Holst-Collins of Grow Your Lovespace on how to feel like a creative even if you aren’t necessarily proud of the work you’re making at that moment

“Sometimes we push ourselves to the point where we have nothing left to push. Set healthy boundaries for yourself.” — Monica Valenzuela of Decussate Magazine on identifying as an introvert and it affecting your networking/ability to share your work

“Comparison goes with admiration. A good collaboration reminds you who the fuck you are. It's best when both parties leave the collaboration feeling like they both learned something.” — Melanie Holst-Collins of Grow Your Lovespace on preserving your creativity and avoid comparison when you collaborate

Thanks to our craftHER sponsors Volusion and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, these panels were free and open to the public. Want to get involved in the next craftHER Market? Our next one is on October 12 and 13 at Fair Market in Austin, Texas. Sign up for email updates at the bottom of crafthermarket.com and stay tuned for our applications reopening on June 10, 2019.

This blog post was written and compiled by #BBATX committee member Sydney Greene.