On Four Years of #BBATX: An Interview With Diana Ascarrunz

As we reflect on our upcoming fourth birthday, #BBATX community member (and now donor!) Diana Ascarrunz shares her notes with #BBATX board member Jasmine Brooks on four years of resilience and future-building.

This interview was written, photographed and illustrated by Jasmine Brooks.


Brooks: What do you do? (This can be a job—or what you’re most passionate about.)
I’m a full time photographer in Austin, Texas.

Brooks: What drew you to your current craft?
I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. I love finding those tiny moments when people are fully and joyfully themselves.

Brooks: When did you first hear about #bbatx?
Probably on Instagram when I first moved to Austin. I immediately message #bossbabesATX and basically offered my assistance in any way it could be used.

Brooks: What was your take away from the first #bbatx event you attended?
I was blown away by Jane, Leslie, and Ashlee’s sincerity and commitment to creating this community.

Brooks: What were you initial goals when you first started attending #bbatx events and how has that changed now?
My original goals were to meet people in this new city. I’m a transplant and I didn’t know anyone except my partner here. I knew I would find like-minded folx at #bossbabesATX. My goals have shifted a bit since then. I don’t attend as many meet-ups these days because I work a lot and value my free time. These days my goals are to find ways to give back to #BBATX, with my time when possible or monetarily. I want #BBATX to be around 10, 20, and 30 years from now.

Brooks: What would you tell people interested in getting involved with #bbatx?
Don’t be afraid to reach out or go to a meeting with a friend if you’re feeling a little socially anxious.

We are currently fundraising for #BBATX’s fourth birthday and anniversary. Donate to us or join us at a celebration event here. Learn more about the history of #BBATX here.