behind the #BBATX Committee.

#BBATX's work is driven forward by a volunteer programming committee, a network of volunteers, a volunteer board of directors and two staffers. Though our bandwidth is tight, our impact is broad, because of the incredibly talented and creative people who bring value and actionable purpose to our productions, mission and goals.

Every programming season (our year begins in February of each year), we accept 5 to 15 new committee members to develop, contribute and assist with a variety of our productions and community infrastructure work.


1.) You meet monthly with the #bbatx staff to review programming, suggest new ideas and develop productions and initiatives.

2.) You choose a program to work on, and then you take on projects for that program within your "swimlane," i.e. an area of expertise by which to center your energy and contribution to the development of #bbatx. Your "swimlane" could include graphic design, event production, fundraising, brand management, social media, community outreach, PR, etc.

3.) You contribute to the research and education of #bbatx's committee and volunteers; our productions are only meaningful if they provide an empowered and educated resource to the community. Our research typically extends to topics that intersect with our five tenets: arts empowerment, creative entrepreneurship, diversity and equality, personal and professional curiosity and collaboration.

4.) You regularly attend #bbatx events and become a visible member of our community.

5.) You work with the committee to form community-positive coalitions with other organizations and businesses.

6.) You hold the nonprofit accountable to its mission and goals of inclusivity and forward-thinking approaches to gender equality.

7.) You have access to amenities and space at BBATX's HQ.

8.) You get a new group of friends... and the list goes on.


1.) Typically, committee members dedicate between 10 and 20 hours of their month to #bbatx committee duties and are subject to a one-year term.

2.) You are required to make 75% of meetings, and attend at least one #BBATX event per month.

3.) Committee members are also required to advocate for the nonprofit during its annual anniversary fundraiser in May of each year.

4.) If you are invited to join the committee, it is required that you attend #BBATX's Self-Organize Summit prior to accepting. You can register for the Self-Organize Summit here -


Applications are currently closed and will reopen in November 2019.