Oct. 4th - Backyard Story Night is looking for Story Tellers!


John and Meg started Backyard Story Night a little over two years ago, and have had an amazing time watching it thrive so much! This is a free event, and gives normal folks the opportunity to share a five minute story about anything they would like. They've always hosted it thier backyard, but have outgrown actual backyards, and will start to host them at different spots around Austin. Bring food and drinks to share and sit on blankets to enjoy the stories. Here is the link to the FB page: Backyard Story NightBackyard Story Night's next event will be at Community First Village in East Austin on October 4th from 7-10p. They are still looking for story tellers - especially female story tellers! Here's the link to the event: BSN- Community First Village. Also, check out their recent write-up on austinot.com!