Real Estate Opportunity with Kristina Modares


Hi Babes! I hope you had fun this weekend at Stonehouse Villa  I wanted to talk to you all about Real Estate—I recently transitioned from Stonehouse Villa, coordinating weddings, to now helping people with another huge milestone in their life—buying or selling a home. Many people wait until they are married because of the dual income but many of you can get approved, just talk to me & we can strategize! You don’t have to wait until you get married! Don’t want to make a mortgage payment every month? Well, you pay rent don’t you? Still don’t like the idea? Well, you can legally use Airbnb—think about how much money you can make by just renting your place out a few times a month. SXSW? Conferences? ACL? Payments---GOOD BYE. I’d love to help a babe out—lets talk!

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Kristina Modares


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