Close the Loop Cup National Clothing Drive

Calling all Boss Babes!
Clean out your closets, save the environment, and help students attending the University of Texas win scholarships. A group of students are competing in a national clothing drive competition, Close the Loop Cup, to see which college can collect the most articles of clothing to be reused or recycled and kept out of the landfill. Every year, 11.1 million tons of perfectly recyclable fabric and textiles are thrown away. They are doing something about this.
Fifty colleges are going head-to-head, all with the goal of collecting at least 4,000 articles of clothing, towels, and linens each. The top college will be awarding the student leaders scholarships for their efforts. As of now, UT is in 15th place - but we can reach the goal of 4,000 easily with the support of our awesome community.
Learn more about the first ever Close the Loop Cup hosted by and sponsored by the clothing retailer H&M here:
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