Exclusive Promotion for Sovereign Frequencies


Native Austin-ite, Thedocia May Crocker, has progressed through many forms of art: glass blowing, welding, metalsmithing, photography, fine art, and lastly, visual ethnography. They have all become a part of her daily passions here in the heart of Texas. But, when it comes to commercial sales in the world of capitalism, her macro photography has become a special piece of herself: thereby enforcing an auto-visual psychogeographic expression.

"The photo art available through Society 6 exemplifies a philosophy of the Decorative Arts created by William Morris and GE Moore's Principa Ethica stating that only through the beauty and certain states of mind associated with these beauties may we form the rational and ultimate end of human contraints and the sole criteria of social progress. Supporting art means evolving, and social progression happens one person at a time. Although our humanity has been constrained for millions of years, we can learn to untie the binds that keep us separated." - Thedocia May Crocker

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