SEEKING: Co-Founders for Bad Girl Confidence

I am looking for a co-founder to takes Bad Girl Confidence to the next level. If you have a love for art of all kinds and would like to help artists follow their dream, then reach out to me!
Tope, creator of Bad Girl Confidence - a platform that gives creative people the confidence and space to showcase their craft as they evolve, is currently seeking co-founders. Bad Girl Confidence covers a wide variety of art, from illustrators and painters to filmmakers and video game designers. Tope is looking for co-founders to take this platform to the next level. Click here to read about her motivation for creating Bad Girl Confidence.
Bad Girl Confidence completes its mission in three ways: an online website and blog, annual print magazine, and live shows. Ideally Tope would love to have a co-founder for each of these sections. You will work together collaboratively to build the brand of Bad Girl Confidence to represent artists best interest, put on events, and give emerging artists of every background a voice.
If you are interested, please reach out to Tope at for further information ton how to get you involved. This is an equal partnership and with interest in meeting people from different backgrounds, combining strengths together to make this brand a successful one.
Although this is Tope's baby, it takes a village to raise a child.