SEEKING: Intern for SprATX

SprATX, a collective of over 20 established artists in Austin, is currently seeking an intern. As a family of street artists, muralists and creative energies, they dedicate their talents to increasing awareness of the positive power of street art and generating economic opportunities for artists. They are happy to give college credit interested interns for their time and are seeking someone to help with the following:
  • Social Media / Marketing
  • Event Production
  • Motion Graphics / Graphic Designer / Video Editor
  • Fashion Merchandise
  • Accounting / Business / Entrepreneur
Please note, these are not positions for current or aspiring artists. These are for individuals that have interest in working in the business side of the art industry. 
Since 2013, SprATX has become the go-to resource that connects art enthusiast and organizations that need professional and experienced talent to artists within the street art scene both locally and abroad.
They not only work with local businesses and events, but also organizations, non-profits, and the City of Austin. They are dedicated to making Austin a more beautiful city and using art as a vehicle of connection for artists and art lovers alike.
Please email interest to Zuzu Perkal at