January Austin Learnshop Classes


Austin Learnshop connects individuals and businesses in Austin through fun workshops and classes. 


Wait, what’s a cowl again? It’s that beautiful scarf-like neck wrap, that’s a single loop of simple and stylish. This class, taught by Kirsten Anderson of Anderson Handcrafted, guarantees that you will leave with a cowl you are proud of. All of the materials will be provided and you’ll leave with the yarn and needle to continue onward with all the projects your heart desires.

switchelimageA Switchel is made with an apple cider vinegar base, one of of the best health tonics out there. For those of you who can’t take vinegar straight, this vinegar based “shrub” syrup is the next best thing. It’ll reset the PH levels in your body and make your skin glow! Dréa Peters has been experimenting with switchels & shrubs since her days in Brooklyn, where the trend really took root. Now she is going to share with you all of her secrets to the easiest and best tasting switchel that you will be able to recreate any time you want. Click here for more information.

writingfeatured4In this workshop taught by Yvetter DeChavez, learn exercises that highlight unique voices in the writing world, work on finding your story and developing your own unique voice and begin a short essay to workshop in class during the final week. The goal isn’t to produce an essay worthy of immediate publication. Instead, it’s about using the art of writing to access parts of yourself that wish to be heard. In this 4-class series, you’ll have the space to do it and an audience that is willing to listen. Click here for more information.

socialmedia featuredThis class will cover several social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Marketing Coordinator, Rachel Holtin, will teach you not only how to expand your following online, but also how to curate quality content. Her simple 5 step process applies for both personal and business accounts.  You’ll learn everything from content basics to the analytics and different ways to track your digital footprint. Click here for more information.