Dabble's February Workshops

Intro to Glassblowing: many dates posted, first class is Wednesday, Feb. 3rd 2016

Get introduced to glassblowing and the art of lamp-working while working together on a range of exercises designed to find comfort using a torch as well as a love for creating glass art. While providing the basics in safety and technique, the class goal is to have each student complete a few sculptures to carry home as well as have an amazing time learning something new. Sign up here.

Keeping Children Safer Online & In the Real World: a few dates posted, first class is Wednesday, Feb. 3rd 2016 - FREE WORKSHOP

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children presents Netsmartz. This presentation will provide everything you need to know about how to keep kids of all ages safer online from predatory offenders, cyberbullying, and reputational damage from online activities. This course is designed for parents, teachers and those who care for and care about the safety of children of all ages. Includes introduction to age appropriate presentations and talking points that can be used to educate others about how to keep kids safer online and in the real world. Sign up here


Woodworking 101 - Saturday, 2/6

Learn the basic operation of tools in the shop, including, the thickness planer, the joiner, the band saw, hand sanders, and some tips and techniques on preparing wood surfaces for food prep. The class will focus on creating a cutting board of your design, we will craft it, finish it, and have some fun showing you what you can create with wood. This class will cover the basics of safety and operation of all machines to be used. Ideas for design, cut down of basic design, and finishing of your project. Sign up here.

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