SEEKING: Submissions for ANON Magazine


ANON Magazine's 5th print issue is on the horizon and they're taking submissions for all things related to CONSUMERISM. Whether it be the rise of materialism and status, the pros of shopping locally, materialism vs spirituality; they want contributors to interpret as they wish.

They accept submissions in the form of photography, illustrations/comics, opinion pieces, short fiction and poetry, interviews, basically anything they can fit in a print zine works! The deadline to submit will be Friday, February 12th (end of day).  For more information on submission guidelines click here.

WEBSITE SUBMISSIONS: ANON Magazine seeks to provide meaningful, honest, and inspiring content to our readers. If you have a collection of photography you wish to share, thoughtful think pieces, humorous anecdotes & comics or anything in between, ANON would love to feature them on their website! For more information on submissions, click here.