Austin Witches Circle March Markets

FEATURING: **Special Guests** DJs Lizzbeth & Jessica Douglas playing Dark Wave, New Wave, Cold Wave, Minimal Wave and every wave in between! *Local Witches' Handcrafted Wares *Freshly Crafted Cocktails from Drinks Lounge [21+] *Enchantingly Delicious Vegan Food from Arlo's

Magic - Potions - Amulets - Tarot - Enchantment

Dark Arts - Mystics - Elixirs - Divination
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FEATURING *Local Witches' Handcrafted Wellness Wares *Freshly Crafted Cocktails from The Butterfly Bar Austin *Award Winning Italian Food from Patrizi's *The VORTEX is an ALL AGES Venue!

Body Care - Massage - Herbalism Manifestation - Potions - Crystals - Tarot

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FEATURING *Local Witches' Handcrafted Wares *Locally Spirited Cocktails from Badlands Austin [All Ages]

Magic - Potions - Amulets - Tarot - Enchantment Arts - Crafts - Mystics - Elixirs - Divination