Nov. 3rd - Bean to Bar to Bon Bon Class with Chocolaterie Tessa & SRSLY chocolate

Chocolaterie Tessa is pleased to host Bob Williamson of SRSLY Chocolate for on a hands-on, collaborative workshop.  Together, Tessa and Bob will teach the entire chocolate-making process from Bean to Bar to Bon Bon. 

Unlike most chocolate making classes, this unique class will combine processes from both sides of the chocolate manufacturing industry.  Bob will teach us all about making chocolate starting from the cacao bean: from sourcing and fermentation to winnowing, grinding, conching, and tempering the final bars. Then, Tessa will begin her process by making a ganache with that same SRSLY chocolate we'll be making in class.  You'll be guided through each step of the (typically) three-day confectionery set-up process, from making the ganache to cutting, dipping and decorating the finished pieces in class.

All students will take home bars and bon bons made in class, and will have an opportunty to purchase chocolates from both SRSLY and Chocolaterie Tessa. Space is limited. 

Tickets include:

  • A tour of Chocolaterie Tessa’s factory
  • An in-depth look at how various chocolates are made and hands-on demonstration by Tessa Halstead and Bob Williamson
  • Chocolate bars and bon bons made in class to take home
  • Unlimited samples of the shop’s chocolates and an opportunity to purchase confections from both Chocolaterie Tessa and SRSLY chocolate

    Thursday, November 3, 6:30-8:30 pm
    Tickets: $60 per person
    Space is limited to 25 spots.
    Tickets can be purchased here