Dabble Austin - October Classes

Sunday, October 9: FREE Open Improv Warm Up Jam with Merlin Works

Interested in checking out what improv is but a little bit timid? This is a perfect opportunity to participate and then have a chance to sit back and watch a show.

Join the cast of our Second Sunday Improv Show in fun warm up improv games. An instructor leads group and paired activities to give you a taste of the improv spirit and to get the players ready for the show. All skill and experience levels welcome. After 45 minutes of games, head to the lobby for refreshments, get your tickets, and stick around to watch the show!

Second Sundays at 5:30 pm in ZACH’s Whisenhunt Stage (unless otherwise noted).

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Sunday, October 16: Women: Play, Self-Care and Empowerment with Marie Young, The Fluent Female

Are you searching for knowledge and tools to help you get more done with more ease and pleasure?

In the first part of the class, Marie will give you a simple, effective self-care routine that you can use daily to restore your energy and sense of well-being Then, she'll move on to the importance of play and re-creation in your day. Finally, she give you integrated tools to empower you and help you reach your goals in a way that feels good to you.

Any age and walk-of-life can benefit from these tools—from millennials to at-home and outside-of-the-home moms. Men are most welcome, too.

Learn techniques for deep relaxation, play, and renewal so you can tap into your own well of inner power. Bring a friend to share this deeply satisfying work with. All the best on your adventure.

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Saturday, October 22: Introductory Enneagram Workshop (11am-2pm) by Karen Blanchette and Katie Ring

Are you interested in better understanding why you do what you do?

Do you sometimes wonder why people seem to think fundamentally differently than you?

Would you like to increase you understanding of yourself and others?

Have you heard about the Enneagram, but don't know where to start?

To help answer these questions and more, we invite you to spend an afternoon with us exploring the Enneagram Personality Typing System in our introductory workshop. The enneagram is a dynamic and powerful personality typing tool that is based on 9 distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. 

In this workshop we will:

• Learn the basic structure of the Enneagram, explaining key concepts such as wings, growth behavior, and triads.
• Learn about the nine distinct personality types, paying close attention to each type's strengths, challenges, and thought patterns.
• Help you explore what your own enneagram type might be and how to use that knowledge to cultivate self-growth and better relationships with others.

You do not need prior knowledge of the enneagram and all levels of enneagram experience are encouraged to attend.

Proceeds help fund furthering our Enneagram education.

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There's also and Intermediate Workshop that day from 3-6pm. Sign up here

Wednesday, October 26: Arguing in Speech & Writing with Jess Hagemann of Cider Spoon Stories

You want to be heard over the information glut, but your words are falling on deaf ears. To captivate your audience, you have to argue effectively. Whether you're a blogger looking to keep your readers' attention past the first sentence, a business owner needing to improve your conversational networking skills, or a website developer in search of convincing copy, it all comes back to your argument.

-An easy template for creating confident, on-the-spot responses at networking events, at dinner parties, when giving speeches, or when writing persuasive copy. No outside research required: you have everything you need within you!

-A self-evaluation of how you "show up" physically

-A partner critique of how you use language

-Get in, get out, get on with your life. It's one-point-five hours on one Wednesday evening, but it can make all the difference.

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