Join Lydia of Lunar Nourishment in her home for an intimate workshop about your hormones, sex, your reproductive organs, your menstrual cycle and more.  We will sip herbal tea, enjoy healthy snacks, and chat about moving into a wiser phase of being a woman. 

Lydia will share her own story and what she's learned about how to truly create a healthy and balanced life through sacred self-care. This discussion will be based on what the women present want to talk about the most. We will create a safe space together so that you'll have a chance to share your story or ask questions about woman-hood and being both spiritual, sexual and wise; all at the same time.  

This workshop is great if you are:
-experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance (acne, hair gain/loss, weigh gain/loss, painful periods, heavy mood swings, low libido)
-interested in learning about alternatives to hormonal birth control
-in a period of transition in your life as you move towards a more grounded and calm existence
-experiencing either high stress or low motivation
-wanting to share this knowledge with your daughter, sister, friends, mom, ; the world! 

The cost of workshop ($42) includes a Lunar Kit filled with self-care products for you to use during each phase of your menstrual cycle. At the workshop, we will create our Lunar Kits together as we discuss the specific support you need for your unique body.

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