Dec. 3rd - Mimosas & Maxi Pads

Redefine Enough is hosting Mimosas & Maxi Pads to raise awareness about barriers that prevent young girls and women from having access to feminine hygiene products. 

They'll have a community partner collecting purses. Together, you'll pack purses with feminine hygiene products that we collect from Mimosas & Maxi Pads and distribute them freely to women throughout the city. In the event that there is a surplus, a separate donation will be provided to SafePlace. 

To join, please register by MAKING A PLEDGE! There is a minimum pledge of at least 2 boxes of tampons or pads to attend Mimosas and Maxi Pads. (Reusable options, such as diva cups are also accepted).

Mimosas & Maxi Pads will be a great way to connect with another amazing women in the city of Austin, raise donations, and have a great time with coloring books, games, good people, and good music. 

Please be sure to join the facebook event & share it with your friends.