Nov. 7th - 11th: Austin Design Week

Celebrate Austin design through a week of workshops, talks, studio tours and events this November as the city celebrates its creative economy in the inaugural Austin Design Week. They've invited the community to propose and showcase the best in visual, interactive, product, industrial, architectural and civic design. The introduction of Design Week provides the opportunity to bring together the Austin design community like never before. From spaces of inspiration, to the images that leap from the page, the products we use daily and the way we interact with them, Austin is pushing the boundaries of design. Explore the cutting edge work being done through some of the city’s most innovative creators.
The event is November 7th - 11th, at various locations for workshops, studio tours and evening events and is all free. 
Featuring Showcases Such As:
Elevated Consciousness through Design Thinking - Showcasing a variety of design concepts as they are applied to unique art forms, this evening will highlight self identified women, cis women, two spirit, third gender visual artists and designers. The event will include panelists who strategically utilize design thinking as a tool to provoke elevated consciousness in their craft.